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  1. Can I request a shot of various objects with an 8" scope? I want to get a feel for what I'm getting for my birthday. If you could include Jupiter in the mix. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! They have Sky-Watcher's 200N for $555! Perfect!
  3. I love this forum, and the information it provides, but again I believe I may have joined the wrong one, as I live in the US. First Light Optics have some outstanding prices, if my conversions are correct, but where can I buy a telescope that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg to get here? Thanks.
  4. A formulas sticky with a glossary would be nice. I honestly didn't know what a DSO was until I google'd it. Formulas for calculating magnification, eye relief and whatnot would be handy. Love the site! Not sure if I joined the right forum as most of you seem to be from the UK, and I'm from the States. Doesn't really matter as we're looking at the same stars.
  5. I presented it to my better half. I did notice the one eyepiece issue. She simply said, "I'll just buy you an eyepiece and filter kit to go with it." She suggested this set of Plossls. I think I read somewhere on here that Plossls were acceptable.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, Celestron! I was wondering if there might be a bigger scope for a little bit more buck. Now I ask you, what about it's big cousin? Celestron Omni XLT 150 My girlfriend is looking to rally $500 as it is, so I'm shooting for the stars! (Hah.) My only concern is that it only comes with 1 25mm eye piece.
  7. @mik Yeah, it's 60mm. Typo. =X I'm sorry, but I can't put my dinky scope and the phrase 'too much power' together in my mind. Unfortunately I've lost the other two eye pieces that came with this thing. I'm actually shopping for another one now. What would it take to see the bands on Jupiter just through the eye piece (not imaged)? These are the two I'm looking at getting/asking for my birthday: Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ Celestron NexStar 4 SE I only want the NexStar for the GOTO, but I can do without if I can get a really good scope without the goto mount for the same price. A friend also has a 6 inch scope (I'm guessing that's the diameter? Sorry.) that he wants to sell me, but I'm still waiting on the specs for that one.
  8. I broke out the old telescope a few days ago while registering to these forums (Hi again! ). Last night I wanted a closer shot than what I was getting (see sig) looking at Jupiter. My cheap Wal-Mart scope came with a barlow, but I never used it. It's a 2x, so it should double the image of what I'm seeing, yes? The refractor is 60mm, and I'm using a 4mm lens. When I popped in the barlow, I was sure that the blob I was looking at was Jupiter, but it was rediculously fuzzy. When I focoused in, it got more fuzzy. When I came out all the way, it suddenly looked like I was looking at a microscope slide with some bacteria on it. Does it just need a good cleaning or am I missing something here? Thanks!
  9. AlexF


    Picked up a pair of Bushnell 10 x 50's today for $50 with a tripod. However, I can't find an adapter to mount the bins to the tripod. Suggestions? PS - HOLY Rubbish! 4 moons like day through simple binoculars. And the moon looks AMAZING! I'm really glad I got these. PPS - We're dusting down my telescope. There were smudges all over the objective (I think?) lens, and dust all over the eye piece mirror.
  10. AlexF


    Yeesh. Thanks for the info. We're going now to see what her work sells.
  11. AlexF


    What a fantastic piece of software!
  12. AlexF


    A nebula through binoculars? I would have never thought that possible. I work at Best Buy and the best set we have in-store is this pair of Bushnell 10x32 binoculars. =/ My girlfriend works for a sporting goods store, so we'll give their selection a look. I used my telescope a lot when I got it! I actually got to see Saturn through it. It definitely wasn't as clear as what was on the box, haha. I also had the no-so-bright idea of pointing it at the sun and looking through it. The inside of my eye actually got warm. Over time I've lost the 3 other lenses, and could never figure out how to use its Barlow. Everything was always blurry through that. It did me well, though.
  13. AlexF

    100 0400

    That's pretty freakin' awesome.
  14. AlexF


    Last night my girlfriend and I broke out my dusty Polaris refracting telescope that my mom had gotten me for my 15th birthday. It only had one lens with it and we could only focus on the edge of the full moon. We also looked at what I thought was Venus that was sitting right next to the moon. To both of our surprise, it was Jupiter, and 4 of its moons were clearly visible. Neither of us had seen Jupiter or its moons through a telescope before. Needless to say, we're looking into buying a reflecting telescope. After reading the stickies in the Beginners forum, I see that making a $400 purchase on a mediocre GOTO scope (look at me acting like I know some terminology, hah!) wouldn't be a wise decision. So I'm asking you guys: What would be a good set of binoculars to start off with?
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