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  1. All clear now, thanks. I will try my luck with what I have.
  2. I don't think we understand each other. Prime focus-fed antenna I mean front-fed. Offset antenna has feeder off-axis. From what I saw the setup for H line and GOES is almost same- two low noise amplifiers, one band pass filter. The rest in case of GOES does PC with decoder (see herehttp://www.teske.net.br/lucas/2016/10/goes-satellite-hunt-part-1-antenna-system/) Of course feeder and BPF must be tuned to another frequency (1690 MHz in case of GOES) and of course 1m dish is way too small for serious results, but I want to try it and maybe to turn my antenna to front-fed for better targeting.
  3. Got 1m dish antenna, is it worth converting it to prime focus? I'm planning to put it on AZ-EQ6 mount and try reception of Hydrogen line and GOES satellites.
  4. Thanks, I'll try that. Maybe I will also make a heater from kanthal wire.
  5. I don't want to start new topic, so I'll ask here. Is there something to prevent LCD from freezing? I have a Dell E6400 and after quarter of an hour in low temperatures (-3°C is enough) LCD starts to to display incorrectly.
  6. Has anyone been successful with classic dual dipole antenna? I made it and so far no results (I also waited for Io B storms and others) I'm using Airspy and spyverter.
  7. Wanted to try it out today, but weather didn't allow. I wanted so much to test my new mount.
  8. That's what I was looking for, pity that images are gone.
  9. It's quite good cam, it depends on the conditions
  10. I used original case of the cam, plastic ring from lunar filter (Bresser 60/700) and glass from ceramic fuse holder to avoid dust. I also manage to separate original Ir block filter from the lens without breaking and gave it back.
  11. I don't think the result corresponds exposure time. Among others I suspect the lens from poor suitability for astrophoto. http://astrofotky.cz/gallery.php?show=Giftmacher/1451564996.jpg
  12. Not relevant now, Still learning with DSS and I didn't registered all of the files.
  13. Anyone can help with DSS crashes? I'm trying to stack 38x2min of C/2013 US10 and stars+comet stacking makes DSS crash before stacking starts. Standard and comet stacking only create "comet trail". Tested both on desktop and laptop.
  14. Thanks! I will buy it right away, found it in the czech shop even cheaper. http://www.supra-dalekohledy.cz/filtr-baader-2458472-set-ccd-lrgb-1.25-3-5251.html (ca. 199 EUR) I can take filter wheel too.
  15. How about this set? Is it any good? http://tinyurl.com/p7smnh7
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