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  1. Thank you, I am tempted to get an 8" Dob but how would that compare with my Mak? Would I be better going for a 10"?
  2. Hi all What is the best low power EP with a really good FOV for looking at Deep Sky observations for my 127 MAK? I have a 24mm Baader Hyperion but was told to get something else. I know the MAK is not a deep sky scope but Im trying to make my seeing better. Thanks Ken
  3. Thanks all for the encouragements, It took a steady hand and a lot of patience!! I just could not get Jupiter and its moons using the same method but I will try
  4. Hi all, took these Friday night putting my Iphone 3GS up to the lens using my 127 MAK.
  5. Arushin believe me your Mak will not disappoint you, its the perfect planetary scope. I had a 8" reflector which was good but nothing like this!
  6. Hello all, saw Jupiter last night through my sky watcher 127 using my Williams Binoviewer. I could make out all the belts clearly and at the time all four moons where to the right side of the planet. Wonderful and stunning!! The moon seemed to stand out in 3D, weird.
  7. And here she is Picasa Web Albums - ken and Margaret - astronomy
  8. Listen I have a Skywatcher 127 and love it to bits, its small and easy to set up and gives great views of the planets and moon. Never had any issues with it. On the other hand had lots with the 8 Inch reflector on an Eq mt and took ages to set up and carry!! So Worzsel I think its an ideal first scope. All the best Ken
  9. I love starwalk for the iphone YouTube - Star Walk App Review - AppVee.com Ken
  10. Hi all, when will be the best time to see Jupiter at night? My guess is about October? Thanks Ken Spencer
  11. So I've read a lot on this topic in other areas. Could someone give me an idea what mag I have with the 20mm on my WO Binoviewer using dielectic diagonal and the x1.6 barlow. I think according to other threads I could be getting as much as x5 with the x1.6 barlow taking into account the telescopes configuration. Thanks again
  12. So could be my WO dielectic diagonal which gives me a greater FL? Or the focusing using Binoviewers or both. Interesting thanks for the link.
  13. Using the Binoviewer with its 20mm lenses and x1.6 Barlow I appear to be getting magnifications higher than usual. I'm not complaining as the views are spectacular. I assumed with a FL of 1500 mm on my mak that would givem me a magnification of 75x plus Barlow would give me 112x mag but it seems much higher. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks ken
  14. I have Hyperion s and have to say the WO binoviewers gave me a better view of Saturn and the moon was out of this world!! Will have to try some DSO next time
  15. Think around £145 including postage
  16. Very funny coco (the clown) remember him? Well onto the WO binos!! After a very frustrating evening waiting for the clouds to disperse and a few prayers to the good Lord I finally got to use them! Firstly you would think they where made for the Skymak 127 no problems whatsoever with focusing, just a few slight turns and all I can say these binos lived up to the the hype. The Moon was amazing, crystal sharp and actually felt for the first time I was looking at a spherical object. (the 3D effect reviewers talk about) I managed to get a glimpse of Saturn through the haze and again wonderful views and rounded effect with the moons standing out beautifully sharp against a velvet dark background. I am over the moon with these (at least that's what it felt like) and would recommend them to all you astronomers out there. 10/10 Thanks to Steve at FLO for getting them to me at a good price
  17. Got my WO binoviewers today from First Light Optics in a lovely black box. Watch this space Thanks Steve Ken Spencer
  18. Thanks for the reply, I assume you can get a mid range mag too? Ken
  19. Not sure if I did this right last time.. My question. The WO Binoviewers come with 2x2mm lenses which will give me about 75X Mag on my Skymax 127. With the 1.6 Barlow that comes with it what Mag can I expect to get or would it be better investing in more lenses for higher maginifications. Thanks Ken
  20. Looking forward to getting my WO Binoviewers when they arrive from First Light Optics!!
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