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  1. Strange, I can get them to focus on near by trees but not beyond? And yes I have used the small adapter that comes with them. Excellent on the 127 MAK but appears to be unusable on my 10" DOB. Regards ken
  2. Hi all, saw fab review of the William Optics Binoviewer in "sky at night" magazine but cant focus in my 10" Dobsonian. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Ken
  3. BTW Rob I think the 5mm baader Hyperion will be ace for planets
  4. Hi Rob and Alan looks like I will be buying the 5mm baader Hyperion to add to the collection. thanks ken
  5. Looking around I've found that the 5mm Hyperion is probably the better 5MM EP because it has better FOV than the 5mm TMB?
  6. Hi Gaz, I sure want to but wont 5mm be hard on moving the DOB with FOV issues? Perhaps 6mm will be better?
  7. Thanks for all contributions, after tonight's excellent viewing conditions and looking at Saturn with the 8mm (150x) With a 10" DOB I feel I could push up the magnification perhaps to (200x) and get more detail. I could make out the rings, moons and slight banding already So looks like a 5-6mm EP is on the shopping list. Any suggestions. I do like the Baader Hyperion types. Ken
  8. Hi all When I got my 127 Mak I had the 5MM Baader hyperion but found it gave me too much mag for it so I sold it. I found the 8mm was more than adequate. But now I have a 10" Dobsonian the 8mm may not be enough as it only gives me 150X. Should I buy the 5mm again? Thanks ken
  9. Hi Jed I have the same eye pieces and would keep the 13mm great mid lens. I use it a lot for getting closer detail of nebula. Was brill on M42 tonight ken
  10. Hi, I have both the Mak and Dob. The Mak is the best for planets without question and some DSOs but the Dob wins on DSOs and Planets are Okish by comparison. Regards Ken
  11. HI all, Bunnygod thanks for the link, all I can see is heavy cloud over my area but was told clear spells lol Ken
  12. Does anyone have a reliable weather link? Thanks Ken Had my 10" DOB a few weeks and its been cloudy ever since
  13. Hi Alun I've had my 127 MAK for a few years now and it is very good for moon and Planets. Highly Recommend one Ken
  14. Great app, don't forget Redshift its more expensive but great on the Iphone/Ipad Ken
  15. I was looking at the Moon tonight through my new 250 Dobsonian after collimating my scope for the first time and decided to point it to the moon. Lovely sharp view but on the dark side of the moon looking at the grey Horizon I noticed a sharp point of light and it was a star!! I watched it as it went behind the moon, an amazing sight!! (well it was for me) I logged the time at 18.45 and looked up the position in RedShift on My Ipad and the only bright star in that area (6th Mag) was one called BSC1459. Am I sad? It really made my night. Will try Saturn later if the clouds stay away. Ken
  16. I use the baader laser Colli Mark 3 and it was very easy to collimate but its more expensive. Collimation - Baader Laser Collimator Ken
  17. I have a 127 Mak which is Fab for planets and Moon and some DSO and its easy to move around. Last week I got the Skywatcher 250 Dob and was a bit worried about the weight and collimation. The great thing is you can split the dob into two parts, mount and scope and is therefore easier to manage. As for collimation, with the baader Laser colli MK 3 it was easy to do.
  18. Good advise but tried them all, I must confess those high winds and bending trees gave me evil thoughts!!
  19. As much as I love trees and all things green:D what can you do when your neighbour just lets his trees grow and grow? I had fantastic views of the East and now the view is slowly closing due to the trees branches. I did ask him nicely to cut one down but he reminded me that I don't own the view!!!!
  20. Red Shift is also available on IPad and has much better detail when you zoom in compared to Star walk which is very nice to look at
  21. Once again, great response from you all. I have decided to add to my kit a Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian purchased today from Steve at First Light Optics and it arrives on Monday (All being well). I just hope I can manage it OK. I understand you can remove the tube from the mount when transporting it in and out of the house or into the car. Thanks again Ken
  22. Hi all, At last the Sky was clear, well at least for a few hours tonight. I have a 127 Mak and tried it out on M42 in Orion and it was lovely but I then used my pair of 20x80 Binoculars I have to say the view was spectacular, bright with a wider FOV. I was tempted to get a Dob for deep sky observations but have been impressed with the Binoculars. Do I need a Dob? and just stick with the Mak for Planets? BTW the Mak split Caster nicely with my 8mm Baader Hyperions. All the best Ken
  23. What about the Skywatcher 32mm SP Plossl eyepiece, will that be ok with my 127 MAK?
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