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  1. Is it normal to see rays or shafts of light when looking at stars? Its kinda like what you see in Photographs. Could it be atmospherics? It happened with the brighter higher magnitude stars. I was using a high powered 6mm Lens on my Dob at the time. Not noticed too much before. Ken
  2. I would go for the DOB, had no problem tracking Saturn tonight with a 6mm lens
  3. I thought my 10" Dob needed re collimating when I took a look at the moon and like you I had similar slight blurring on craters and mountain peaks. I discovered that the scope just needed to cool down. An hour later was crystal sharp. Ken
  4. They have sold out of that one Ken
  5. Very Strange, perhaps your in another duplicate universe? Ken
  6. special offer here till April 20% but you cant see it till you select buy lol TeleVue Radian Eyepieces Mine was £140 Ken
  7. Hi Moonshane, this was with my 10" DOB at 200x, not tried the MAK yet with this lens at 250X but will let you know when I do. The radion EP just blew the competition away !! so might invest in another while the 20% discount is still on these EPs. ken
  8. The Skymak 127 is a great scope, had mine a few years now and never lets me down. Great views of the moon and planets and a few DSO. I like using Binoviewers with this scope, so relaxing to use Ken
  9. Got my first Radion and was able to try it out on Saturn last night. I normally use Baader Hyperions and they are good, but I have to say the 6mm Radion on Saturn last night was outstanding and can see why the more expensive EPs are worth the investment. The Radion gave me views of Saturn that was bright and beautiful with exceptional clarity throughout the FOV. Thanks to those who recommended the EP. Ken Spencer
  10. http://db.tt/ZjE7CIq Anyone got one? Ken
  11. Hi all, at last clear skies but I noticed when I brought my DOB back into the house that the mirror looked steamed up. Is that going to leave smudges on the mirror over time? Is there a better way? Thanks ken
  12. I have a 10 DOB and can assemble and disassemble it fairly easily into two pieces, not sure about a 12! So I guess an 8 is a good size. Ken
  13. Got the Baader Hyperions 8mm 13mm and 24mm and they are great with the 127 Mak. As already said great investment for the future. I still use the 25mm which came with the scope for setting up my star finder The Mak 127 is a great Planetary Scope (would never part with it) even though I also have a 10" Dobsonian. Ken
  14. Thanks Guys, just orderd TeleVue Radian 6mm on special offer in the UK for £140 Looking forward to getting it Ken
  15. How much is the 6mm please and where can I get one? Thanks ken
  16. I have a 10" Skywatcher DOB and need a good planetary lens. I already have the Baaders 8mm 13mm and 24 mm and feel the 5mm would be my next EP. But its been suggested that the William Optics SPL 6mm eyepiece would be a better option. What do you think? Thanks in advance ken
  17. I saw Saturn with my new Skywatcher 10" Dobsonian using first my 24mm Baader Hyperion then worked up to the 13mm then 8mm. Lovely crisp views. Think I should get the 5mm EP next Ken
  18. Thanks again, Kniclander what magnification do you get with the Binoviewer using the small barlow in the MAK? I know it uses 20mm lens so that should give me 150x that MAK being 1500mm. I was looking at Saturn and it seems a lot more than 150x Thanks Ken
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