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  1. Swapping the telescope to a different tripod/mount.
  2. Thank you, after some digging I found a similar answer. It should fit and doesn't look too much of an issue. If I'm successful I'll post the results.
  3. I currently own a Celestron Astromaster 130-eq When I look at tripods I notice that they seem to be similar in how they connect to the telescope. I was wondering if people here have swapped or changed their tripods? I want to know if my telescope can be upgraded to a better tripod. Preferably looking at the computerised tripods. Thank you. Google can't answer my question.
  4. Any advice? I own an Astromaster 130 EQ and want to use my DSLR Camera - Canon 600D. I am in the process of making a filter, the ones online can't be deilvered quick enough. I'm learning more and more on my telescope and camera but putting the two together is posing a struggle. I have managed to connect my camera to my telescope with the 2x barlow and t-ring. Any advice on settings and using it. (do we have an official eclipse topic or thread)
  5. Since there is a solar eclipse next month (if you didn't know lol), I would like to buy a filter/cap for my telescope. I own an Celestron Astromaster 130eq. I can't seem to find anything. I have found the material to do it but I don't feel confident enough to try and make my own. Thank you.
  6. Field flattener? New to me, but I am a newbie to this. I have a DSLR and I am looking to connect my camera. Back to google again. lol
  7. Thank you both. Cornelius, can this t-mount fit eye pieces and barlows?
  8. I have been reading up on this equipment. I own a 3x Barlow. I have seen barlows that can attack to a t-ring that attaches to a DSLR. My Barlow doesn't look like it will screw on so to avoid buying a new suitable barlow, is there a way to connect an original barlow to a t-ring? I own a Canon DSLR as I know that can make a difference with t-rings. (so I have read) Also, I have some filters including a moon filter. I take it there is some way of screwing this on some where when using a t-ring? Just thought of that. Thanks.
  9. Hubble images are fantatsic. Gravitational Lensing is my favourite, google searches provide some stunning photos. http://www.nasa.gov/content/hubble-sees-a-smiling-lens/#.VNp0IHZsqzI Trending right now on social media is this recent photo which appears to show a face.
  10. Grog


    Thank you for the warm welcome.
  11. Grog


    Hi, I'm Gregg from the United Kingdom. I love astronomy and have a huge appreciation for science. At 29 years of age I finally decided to get a telescope. Not sure why I didn't get one sooner. I own an Astromaster 130eq with a motor drive. I now own a DSLR Camera. Something I have wanted for a while as I like photography. I think you know what I'll try and do with the two of them. Take photos of my telescope. Nice place you have here.
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