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  1. I bought those at Ikea. I use my backyard for observing and the ground is a bit uneven here and there, so I used to get the platform leveled, but since I don't do astropothography and since they added 11-20 cm height to the eye piece, I stopped using them. I just place the platform on the ground.
  2. That's very impressive - is it great for visual observations too? I live in a fairly light polluted area, just between two cities - with my 12" I can easily see the nucleus of M31, and will the CLS allow me to see the dust lanes, for instance? I have a Lumicon OIII filter, but it's suitable for nebulaes only.
  3. I was out for an hour a couple of nights ago, with my 12" Skywatcher dob. It was -10 degrees that night, and the only "problem" I experienced with the hand controller, was that the LCD display got slow when updating.
  4. I was out tonight, but I only managed 1 hour. It's -10 degrees here at the moment, and I was almost freezing my feet off! That's what you get for living at these latitudes, it's only late autumn/winter/early spring we can really do any observing.
  5. Unless you believe in astrology, where Jupiter not only affects the Earth's orbit, but also your economy, intimate relationship and your where and when you go on vacation.
  6. Well, from an observer's point of view on this planet, the entire sky is moving all the time. Sorry I picked the wrong forum to ask the question.
  7. I plan to use the evening to see if I can locate the comet with my 12". Anyone got an idea for which constellation I should point the scope at? Or a website which tracks the comet?
  8. Good afternoon from Norway where it's 3pm with a crystal clear blue sky, and around 2C. I plan to get my 12" dob out tonight and see if I can locate 103P/Hartley.
  9. Wikipedia's quark star entry has a section with potential candidates; overdense neutron stars. By the way, am i the only one who find neutron stars (in all their variety) much more fascinating than black holes?
  10. cyborg, I have the 12" Synscan SW dob. The base with motors, weighs around 20 kg, I assume. Enough that I have to carry the dob outside in two rounds. :-) I don't know how familiar you are with star hopping, but I would say definiately go for the Synscan version. Aligning it is a breeze - I heard the Synscan controller was a bit more difficult to use than Celestron's GOTO controller, but I find the dob is much easier and quicker to align than my older Explorer 150PL on a CG5 equatorial mount. Plus, the 'guided tour' is phenomenal just to familiarize yourself with the scope and the sky.
  11. Lerxst

    Both ES ep's top

    From the album: Stuff

  12. The reviews for the ES ep's are in the mixed bag as follows: People think they either 1) Are better than the Etho's 2) Are good, but they prefer the Etho's anyway 3) Can't tell the difference Well, I'll guess I'll have to wait (it's pouring down at the moment) and find out.
  13. My Explore Scientific 14mm and 9mm 100° ep's are waiting for me at the post office. (naturally luck would have it that it's almost raining vertically today, after about a whole week of clear skies) I have a 12" dob, and I'm simply wondering: would I need a 3-6mm planetary ep when I can barlow the 9mm instead? Or are there certain drawback to barlowing high(er) res ep's on planets?
  14. Yes Kim, I just did! I placed an order for the 14mm and the 9mm ES ep's from astronomics.com - they were bundled as a special offer for only $700, or £441,57 - which is only £22 more than Telescope House charge for the 14mm alone...
  15. This ep weighs 516g (1 lb 14 oz) - do ya think I will need an extra counterweight for my collapsible GOTO dob?
  16. I was initially dead set on the C9.25 and thought nothing would persuade me to chose different (except if the CG5 would handle a C11 well - which it doesn't), but the more thought I give on the subject, the more the 12" stands out as the sensible choice. dweller, I have a 6" now so a 8" would unfortunately not feed the aperture hunger that runs in me. I'd love a great and detailed view of the planets, but there are 8 of those and 40.000+ celestial objects (at least in the HC's databases), so in my opinion it would be foolish not to sacrifice some planet detail in favour of magnificent DSO's. Anyway, has noone else heard about any Sky-watcher GOTO difficulties on the dobsonians? If not, the decision is settled.
  17. I also assume that the SCT has a narrower FOV? It seems like I will eventually land on the dob. I'm at 59°N, so taking that in account, planetary details may not even justify a SCT, given the amount of atmosphere that's in the way. By the way, what would M31 look like through the eyepiece of a 12"? A bright faint fuzzy or will I be able to see more details?
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