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  1. Canon 40D - self modified to full spectrum sensitivity. Plenty on E-bay <£100.


    NGC7000 taken with GSO 8" F4 Newtonian telescope, 0.7x ASA Keller coma corrector/reducer, modifed Canon 40D full spectrum camera @ ISO1000. Stack of nine images totaling 38 minutes of exposure

  2. On 04/05/2019 at 09:40, Trikeflyer said:

    Hi, I’m looking for some dark sky camp sites to stay at this year.  I don’t think I’m going to be able to get to any star parties due to timing. Can anyone recommend any good camping sites to stay at. I live in the West Midlands so Scotland is probably out due to distance but most other places will be do able.  If you know of anywhere and ar3 happy to share the details please can you post a link for me.



    North or Mid Wales- no too far from Brum. Llyn Peninsula is worth a look too. Brecon.....bit near the LP sources in the South



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  3. 1 hour ago, davew said:

    The star colours have come out well and that horizon is spectacular.


    If you can find a site with not much 'human activtity' on the southern horizon, the views can be very good.

    Sagitarius on the horizon from the same spot with the moon out of the way (80mm lens)


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  4. 9 hours ago, davew said:

    That's really nice. More colour than Dulux. It makes my efforts look quite dull ! 

    That horizon looks very clean. Can I ask where it is ?


    Thanks- the star colours were enhanced in Photoshop using Noels Actions. The photo was taken at my observatory site in Mid Wales.


  5. 1 minute ago, RobertI said:

    That's mad! ? You have a good case to get that replaced. I live on a new estate, and the LED lights had a very wide beam, and were  clearly designed to illuminate large traffic junctions, not suitable for residential use as they shone into gardens and upstairs windows. When pointed out to the council, they changed them pretty quickly. I watched it happen and it literally took 5 minutes per lamp! So don't lose all hope.

    The Council put a rather ineffective shade on it already.  Fortunately this is not my main observing site.

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  6. I've looked at buying this lens as a possible replacement for my ageing Nikon ED180 F2.8 which was the recomended fast widefield AP lens in its day.

    I don't want to hook it up to a CCD- so has anyone got any unprocessed, full frame DSLR images at F2 to post? I'd like to see if it is an improvement on the 'slow' old Nikon! And also how well it handles CA- one of the Nikons failings (on my lens at least) was issues with CA wide open. I found I had to stop down to F4 and use a Lumicom Minus Violet filter (almost half the cost I paid for the lens!!).

  7. 5 hours ago, old_eyes said:

    In my design, I have the roof sitting over the warm room to allow for lower side walls,

    I got round the need for having lower side walls by parking the scope in the 'upside down' position- I think I'm unique in doing this!


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