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  1. Hi Scott, Hi Neighbour Welcome to SGL, I live in Farndon Newark! I have a recently purchased 300P. Enjoy yourself, there's lots of info here It rocks!
  2. Hi I've just joined. Here is abit about myself. I am a 48 year old, who has been observing since my early teens, after a glimpse through a neighbours 10" homebuilt truss F8 Newtonian - what a monster it seemed. After looking at Saturn, the moon, Jupiter and M13, I was hooked. Then started the long road in pursuit of optical satisfaction, starting with a 60mm refractor, then a 8" F6 home built Newtonian, a 12" F4 purchased OTA, and then finally, 2 years a go a C9.25 SCT on a HEQ5 mounting. Recently, I've traded my kit in for a NEQ6 and Skywatcher 300P flexitube auto dob (got the OTA working on the NEQ6 mounting too). Like viewing everything, but have a leaning towards planets and double stars. Thanks for the forum
  3. Wonderful sketch, captures the view very well indeed.
  4. Mmmm few things to think about there. I'll be using a 12" F5 newt.
  5. OK, to die hard Planet Buffs in particular. I am looking for the best (contrast, resolution, sharpness, colour correction) eyepieces for high mag planetary and Lunar use. I want my xmas list done early ready for Mars season Any good or bad experiences welcome ! Thanks people.
  6. OK Eggheads, Here's a question. I've been loving looking at all the DSO photos by all the great masters here on Stargazers. My question is - how does exposure, Fratio, and aperture interrelate? e.g If some one takes a shot with an F8 100mm refractor, what would be the exposure for a 300mm F5 be? to give the same result? (FOV different of course). I guess there must be a formulae to relate dia/f number and time? Thanks for any info.. Regards, Andy
  7. Mark, I also have never seen NGC891, after trying many times. I haven't had a chance yet this season to try it, but based on your success, I am going to try on the very next possible opportunity. great instuctions on the star hopping. What field of view was the Ethos giving in your Flexi? Could you see the dark lane? Andy
  8. Wow, what a memory lane job ! I still have a couple of circa late 1970's Fullerscopes Orthroscopic eyepieces. Fullerscopes were the Kudos retailer back then. My first mirror was also from them, an 8" F6 full thickness pyrex type jobby. Great stuff
  9. Allan, They are a great set of optics aren't they? My first view of Jupiter through the 300P Auto was just as surprising. Best contrast view I've had, and I owned another 12" several years ago. See my review here, I'm still on the voyage of discovery http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-discussion/84367-first-impressions-skywatcher-300p-flexitube-auto.html I still haven't nailed the moon with it yet, its too low in the evening at the mo, and i haven't had a late night session yet due to weather Glad your getting the same good vibes as me!
  10. Great report John, I too had my 12" Flexitube out, with the same patchy cloud, looking at Jupiter.
  11. Ok, let me ask a question here, what exactly happens? e.g. If for example I slew to an object at 12hr 34' 00" and it is a bit off centre. I centre it... (moving the scope to 12hr 36' 00" as regards the synscan model). I Esc then Esc for 2 secs then press enter to store PAE. Does the synscan now read 12hr 34' 00" as intuition seems?
  12. One thing I forgot to mention, is that I fitted the Skywatcher Motorised focuser unit. Apart from the usual lack of clarity of instructions, the unit fitted easily. Fast or slow can be determined in a graduated fashion using a turning Knob, and two buttons control in or out motion. In operation, the control was very smooth with no vibration apparent at all. I'm dead chuffed with it. Doc, can't fault your math, but it certainly worked OK. Can't remember any viginetting or eye movement, but I was enthralled at the time, and maybe the shock had expanded my pupils to record size! I'll have another go with it when I return from planet orgasm.
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