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  1. Hi John and welcome to both. Enjoy the skies.
  2. JC748S


    Hi and welcome
  3. Welcome and enjoy the skies.
  4. JC748S

    Hi all

    Hi Rob, Welcome and great Xmas present.
  5. JC748S


    Hi and welcome, Hopefully the wind will blow the clouds away and give you clear skies.
  6. Hi and thanks for the additional welcomes.
  7. Thank you again for all the replies and advice. For those with Bresser Messier equipment already or those like me considering such, an interesting development is the investment by Bresser Gmbh in Germany in the company that owns the Telescope House web site Broadhurst Clarkson & Co., and the creation of Bresser UK to provide product and support for the UK market. http://www.bresseruk.com/about-bresser-uk/ Best regards, John
  8. Thanks Gareth, I've made a note of the date. Best regards, John
  9. Hi Pete, Thanks for your welcome and absolutely right about the Long Mynd. Fortunately there are some good darker sky areas close to home also where me and my children have observed comets, lunar eclipses etc., over the years. Also now with the power saving policy for street lighting in force in Shropshire, we can enjoy darker skies at home after 12:30AM!!! Best regards, John
  10. Hi and thanks for your welcome. As part of my research I found my way to the SAS web site. I couldn't see the date of the next meeting unless I was looking the wrong place. Can you help? Best regards, John
  11. Hi and thanks for your reply na useful input. Coincidence you bought the 200 Dob from Bridgnorth. Best regards, John
  12. Hi Knobby, Thanks for the reply and questions. Having done quite a fews hours' research over the Christmas period, getting an understanding of the different types and sizes of telescopes and their applications, my objective and hopefully it's realistic, is to mainly focus on the planets and DSOs for observing. Hence my conclusion of an 8" Newtonian based on what information I've gathered so far and the relevance of aperture in the specifications. Also I'll be storing the telescope in house, so aesthetics in an important consideration for my wife!! Having used binoculars for many years (recentl
  13. Thank you all for the welcome replies. I'm planning to view some Bresser and Skywatcher telescopes on Saturday to help with my selection.
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