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  1. Hi all, I've had permission to post this pic on behalf of a work colleague (Millie). She will be joining the forum herself soon but in the meantime she said it was okay to post this basic Moon pic on her behalf. A little background: It was taken by a Compact Digital Camera which was just placed & held on the eyepiece of a Meade 125 ETX scope with a 15 mm plossl eyepiece. She just got the equipment last week and this was her fist night of viewing. This is the basic raw image with no timed exposure/stacking or Photoshop processing. She's aware that the experts will tear it to bits but for her very first attempt with her new scope she's very chuffed indeed! Mike :-)
  2. A friend of mine used to use a voice activated dictation machine (speaks as he's looking through the eyepiece) then does a write up on the computer, in an electronic diary, every other day. I've just done a quick Google and the machines are about £30.
  3. I've never seen a shot like that before... excellent stuff Amanda! Mike
  4. On the same theme, a lady came to discuss Astronomy with me today. She said she would love to get 'into' the hobby but was afraid of all the technicalities. In response, I said you don't need to know the name of the lake, trees, flowers, rocks, mountains when you're enjoying the view at somewhere like the lake district! She appeared to like that analogy :-)
  5. Hi Allan - I'm new here too (joined yesterday) and I've been made to feel very welcome indeed! It's a great forum! Mike
  6. Hey, it could almost be described as an Astronomical "Facebook!"
  7. For me (per my introduction message of today) it can only be described as a a natural interest - I always remember as a young lad craving for information and reading anything I could get hold of about Astronomy! I even rang Patrick Moore once at home in Selsey to ask him a question on a school project I was doing - There were no internet forums back then! The night sky, especially the winter months, never ceased to amaze me and I used to spend hours just looking up at the heavens in wonderment. The ongoing changing skies was always fascinating and seeing the classic 'Orion' winter sky after a long hot Summer (we had sunshine back then) was like seeing an old friend again - Brilliant! Well, the 'gut feeling' and passion to become involved again has just returned with vengeance so here I am! Mike
  8. Thanks ron.sg - In fact, I only noticed last week (went out with my Bins for the first time in years) that the council had erected a street lamp in the back lane which runs past my garden. The unpolluted skies I enjoyed as a youngster are no more. I'm hoping it won't effect the brigter stuff with my new scope (when I get it) but Deep Sky Objects will be a no go. Of course I'm disappointed but I guess the light is there for the safety of people walking through there at night - One day I hope the lamp will have motion sensors fitted to give me a 'window' of viewing pleasure!
  9. Just added Lunar phase gadget to my Vista desktp - It looks/works great!
  10. Thank you everybody for the welcome messages and kind words... I feel I'm at home here! Mike :-)
  11. This is just a quickie to say hello to everybody :-) My name is Mike and I was a very keen young Astronomer over 20 years ago but regrettably, somewhere down the line, I just lost interest. I only ever had 10x50 Bins but at the time I had a decent knowledge of the sky! I also enjoyed views of the heavens through larger telescopes at my local Astronomical Society. Anyway, early last year I was suddenly (without any warning) taken seriously ill and during my recovery period I caught the Astronomy bug again... Big Time! I also started playing guitar again after a 20 year break but that's another story. Well, I'm now fully recovered (running/weight training every day!) and I appear to have gained a new outlook about life. I know all the rules, recommendations and advice regarding buying a telescope but I have this massive gut feeling to buy the best I can afford and also to have something to share the beauty of the heavens with the family! The scope I've set my heart on is the Celestron CPC 800 GPS and I thought I'd like some Meade Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle Eyepieces and a 2x Barlow - I know it's a lot of money but I guess I'm trying to make up for lost time. Anyway, an average car depreciates more than the telescope value in 1 or 2 years. Well, that's my story and I hope to be a active contributor to this fantastic forum! Kindest regards
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