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  1. that looks exactly like my image set up! apart from i left the cam base on, even down to the end cap, joys optics off ebay for the adapter by any chance?
  2. Still a few copies left at the designer outlet village just off of junction 28 of the M1 for anyone in or near the area that wants a copy.
  3. OK, right off the bat let me say that i am a total noob to this, but thought i would have "a dabble" so to speak. I've downloaded registax 6 and was playing around with it, but i dont have any avi files to process/stack, so i was wondering if any of you fine members have any raw files that you wouldnt mind sharing for purely self education, and for teaching a noob how to process/stack avi movies. I'm thinking of having a go at webcam imaging but just for lunar and solar system stuff, the DSO's i'll leave because i think my scope and mount is not up to it. Also, if possible, could you please post an image of the final processed image, just so i can see what to aim for. I know this may be a lot to ask of but i'm hoping someone can help me get on the starting path of AP/AI. Thank you all and clear skies!
  4. Hi and welcome!! From another Notts based learner!!
  5. Thanks for all the replies! After more consideration i think personally i would benefit more by purchasing seperate EP's plus a barlow as opposed the the kit i mentioned, now the only dilemma is which to get? lol. I know that a 32mm and barlow is top of my list, i already have stock EP's that came with the scope (20mm erecting and 10mm) so i'm guessing something that covers the "middle ground" so to speak. Oh the choices to be made! i'm getting like a kid in a candy store syndrome lol. Thanks for the advice.
  6. So, I'm thinking of shelling out on a EP kit, the kit contains 5 EP's (9,12,15, 20 and 32mm) a 2x barlow and a few filters and other bits n bobs in a lockable case. Price is £120 on amazon but can get it in a deal for £100. If anyone has any experience with this kit or the brand in general i would greatly appreceiate any input. Also, would this kit be ok with my 130EQ? i'm still trying to get my head around the F ratio fast/slow scope thing and as i (barely) understand some scopes cope well with lower quality EP's and others not so, i'm also looking at getting another scope in the future, a 200 dob so would this kit carry over to the dob with ease? i'm hanging my nose over a skywatcher skyliner 200P if that helps. Thanks in advance.
  7. I placed my Rigel near to where the original finder was, removed the original 1st then used cable ties to attach the upgrade so i could move it around until i found the best place for me personally to make a more permanent fit.
  8. I recently attached a Rigel Quickfinder to my 130EQ, so much better than the supplied finder, like stated above, smaller footprint than a Telrad and about the same height as the focuser, seems as though these were developed for the smaller scope IMO.
  9. I use a Rigel Quickfinder on my 130EQ-MD, best upgrade i've done to the scope yet because the supplied "Starfinder" was an absolute nightmare to use, now its just a simple point and look, gone has the nights of frustration trying to find objects, i used to spend more time searching than i did observing.
  10. Hold out and get better EP's then? Like the one's i stated about or is there a cheaper alternative? chances are the scope will be upgraded in time and would like to keep the EP's for the upgrade.
  11. So.... after upgrading the finder on the 130 i am now looking for a barlow, (getting there but slowly i know lol) Does anyone know if the celestron 2x barlow by FLO (£24 version) is an ok addition or should i hold out and save for something more better? Just for the record i am still usuing the stock EP's at the moment, but am edging towards the x-cel lx EP's at sometime in the hopefully near future. Thanks in advance for the input!
  12. Gotta agree as regards the the dire finder supplied with the 130, swapped that for a rigel quickfinder and have never looked back, although if i had kept the original finder on i might have had a better chance at finding stars if i was looking backwards!
  13. i keep mine fully assembled in the bedroom with all the dust caps on, i would prefer to keep the scope downstairs but due to very inquisitive grand children i would be asking for trouble lol! but setting up outside only takes a matter of minutes, if the skies are looking good then i take the ota to the outbuildng to cool and get the mount down when ready.
  14. Does anyone know what size hoop i would need for a AM 130 EQ? I'm guessing a 5 inch hoop?
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