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  1. Thank you, I'll try that and see what happens. Mirvjen
  2. How do I check ? Sorry, but I'm new to astrophotography. PS: I also have a Barlow lens if that halps. Mirvjen
  3. Thank you, I was really hoping it was a standard for all models.
  4. Hi everyone, I need to attach my T6 Rebel to a Skyprodigy 130 and I know that a T-ring and a adapter is necessary. I borrowed a kit from my friend but it was for a Nikon and the T-ring was too small for my camera. I tried searching the net but couldn't find one that was for a T6 (there were many other models but not for this one). Can someone send me some specs or links (preferably ebay) so I can order one ? Thanks,
  5. Hi guys I just wanted to share my first image of the moon (from last month) with a Celestron Skyprodigy 130 and a Nikon D60. Any comments will be appreciated... Thanks,
  6. No actually I still haven't tried out since I need the adapters first. That's why I asked fro help. So that if I can't take images from directly attaching my camera (I really hope I can), I would be forced to get the adapters for the eyepiece... Anyway, I still think I should buy the parts for direct mounting and see what happens.
  7. From what I read from Liquid360 link, this kind of telescope isn't very suited for astrophotography beacuse of the focal plane being inside the focuser. I would really like to take some DSO photos. Do you guys sugest something (without moving the primary mirror) with my D60 ? Even if it's not good picture quality, I can do with that .
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and also to astrophotography. Since I have a Celestron SkyProdigy 130 and recently got a Nikon D60 from a friend, I was thinking to take some photos of planets and maybe DSO. Now I just need the adapters to connect the camera to the telescope, for which a read a lot but still don't understand the difference between direct camera mounting WITHOUT an eyepiece (with a T-ring and an adapter) and camera mounting WITH an eyepiece (the adapters in this case ???). I would be very grateful If you guys could help me figure this out. Thanks,
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