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  1. Keiran, the second shot is very nice with a lot of detail and nice focus on the three craters, very very sweet
  2. Great Nick, very nice Mare Nectaris one of my favourite regions
  3. Lots of detail very crisp and with a DSLR shot as well !! Very nice
  4. Amazing, the sharpness of the shadows in Plato are stunning
  5. That is a great Tycho - almost having vertigo from the detail that you've captured
  6. I made one up last Summer - the servo was from a car model shop - it was about £9 and the other electronics were from Maplins. I hit a stumbling block with the drive belt from the motor to the focusser on a 127mm Skywatcher Mak - either no movement or massive slippage. I ended up using a drawer knob (£2) with the centre drilled out to fit over the focusser - 22mm is spot on with the rubber cover remaining on the focusser knob. The electronics fitted in a small sandwich box from a £1 shop.
  7. Thanks for this - just ordered a copy looking forwards to a good read/look
  8. That is really good for first attempt nicely captured the moons - if it was my first attempt I'd be well happy
  9. Hi, Tonight on Quest at 9pm the first in a 6 part series looking at terraforming in the Solar System - starts with Titan. If you miss it tonight it's repeated tomorrow at 10pm (Freeview Ch 38) Rob
  10. Wow, way better than what I can do even now - well done Aaron
  11. Michael, I'm just dumbfounded what an excellent piece of work Rob
  12. Really nice image Astroscot the bad seeing doesn't appear to affected things too much - very nice Rob
  13. Downloaded the full size version - that is seriously nice
  14. Happy Birthday Sir Patrick and many more to follow.
  15. Hi Duncan, That is excellent, way, way better than my first image. Had a look at Virtual Moon Atlas and I reckon you've a very nice capture of Harpalus and the sun striking Pythagoras at the terminator. Rob
  16. Well, while waiting for the clouds to clear (sorry just thinking about buying equipment seems to summon the things) I pottered over to the Internet Archive text section to see what was new in the way of Astronomy I popped in 'United States National etc etc for NASA Internet Archive Search: united states national aeronautics and space administration and came up with some really nice stuff hidden away in all the management reports. Although more limited than the NASA documents servers it is easier to use. Gemini images of the Earth from space, Explorer VI results and Voyager to Jupiter are nice surprises. More reading for the gloomy nights! Rob
  17. Hi Mel, the IR is very good - really picked out a lot of fine detail Rob
  18. Fantasic Nick, speechless again! That is a nice crisp view of Herschel as well. It has a real sense of depth to it Rob
  19. Amazing! I was starting to feel vertigo looking at these.... speechless
  20. Hi The Thing, I won't be able to get in until Sat but I'll pm you if it's still there. Rob
  21. That is a really nice crisp image, spot on
  22. Well, it had been a while since I'd been in my local Oxfam as their range of Astronomy books is usually none existant. Popped in ysterday and grabbed three interesting books from the late 1960's early 1970's. The Sky at Night 3,(1970) Skyshooting: Photography for Amateur Astronomers by Mayall & Mayall (an update! of the 1947 version) (1967) and Norton's Star Atlas (1973). So interesting reading is looming. If anyone else wants a £1.99 copy of Norton's Durham Oxfam is the place (there were two on the shelf.) Rob
  23. Aldi's Power Station is back on sale from today ALDI - Sunday Special Buys 31st January 2010
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