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  1. Hi

    I got mine from FLO along with the large tripod bracket - absolutely spot on no problems with ghosting or reflections unless I deliberately looked at the Moon at the extreme edge of the field of view. The field of view is large (over 7 degrees) and the eye relief is excellent. The Moon is well worth a look at through them as is Jupiter. The other morning at 5am I was out with them looking at the Orion Nebula - very nice with plenty of contrast with the surrounding sky (I live in a heavily light polluted area). The nebula looked like thin strands of cotton wool resting on a dark velvet black background. You can hand hold them if you are well braced but to really enjoy them a tripod is well woth the money. When I want to have a proper session with them I set them up on a tripod and then sit down on a chair and enjoy the view and focus on what I'm looking at.

    Hope this helps


  2. I've a pair from FLO along with the Horizon 8115 tripod and the large tripod adaptor - the one Celestron supply with the bio's is a bit too small. I've been well impressed with them and the eye relief is amazing. By wedging myself against a wall or other object they are perfect for grab-and-go. Very nice at capturing the Orion Nebula as well as a nice sharp image of the Moon and Jupiter. Thoroughly recommended.


  3. Hi

    Just had a look yesterday at the Kuiper, G. P.; et al 1960 Photographic Lunar Atlas Based on Photographs Taken at the Mount Wilson, Lick, Pic du Midi, McDonald and Yerkes Observatories in my local library - had to request it from the British Library Inter-Library loan system - only took a week! But it is reference only so no bringing home for a good look and ponder over. Mind you it is a beast - about 16" wide 24" long and 2" deep with 200+ plates in different illumination conditions - it is a real beauty to look at. From the history point of view interesting to see name changes. Still that is my weekend next weekend sorted out - one modern atlas, drawing book and pencil - unfortunately no photocopier in that part of the library - the sheets fold out to a huge size.


  4. Hi Jarrod that is a very nice image to have considering the subject (Moon at near full). The contrast and brightness may be brought down a touch - to some extent it is a personal thing. Myself I tend to use GIMP for last 'tweaks' as it is cost effective (ie zero). Very impressive image though. Congratulations.


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