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  1. Hi Astrovirus, that's pretty much my light situation - 10m to the south is a street light that spills into the garden and catches my eyes the whole time
  2. Very nice - I chickened out and used red-blue glasses
  3. That is amazing - craterlets and shadows as well...
  4. Great fun - I've been trying to destroy the Earth - not as easy as it sounds!
  5. Very nice, I like the sepia tone and and Earth Moon mosaic, mind you I think high tides would be a bit high with the Moon that close
  6. I cheated and bought a Lidl 'ironing chair' very nice, adjustable, comfotable and padded back all for £7. Wish I could do woodwork though....
  7. Hi I got mine from FLO along with the large tripod bracket - absolutely spot on no problems with ghosting or reflections unless I deliberately looked at the Moon at the extreme edge of the field of view. The field of view is large (over 7 degrees) and the eye relief is excellent. The Moon is well worth a look at through them as is Jupiter. The other morning at 5am I was out with them looking at the Orion Nebula - very nice with plenty of contrast with the surrounding sky (I live in a heavily light polluted area). The nebula looked like thin strands of cotton wool resting on a dark velvet
  8. I've a pair from FLO along with the Horizon 8115 tripod and the large tripod adaptor - the one Celestron supply with the bio's is a bit too small. I've been well impressed with them and the eye relief is amazing. By wedging myself against a wall or other object they are perfect for grab-and-go. Very nice at capturing the Orion Nebula as well as a nice sharp image of the Moon and Jupiter. Thoroughly recommended. Rob
  9. Just to second Supay this is a fantastic thread - many thanks Philip although sadly my soldering skills are bad enough to make a grown man weep - and frequently do (that's me by the way) but seriously an excellent series of posts. Rob
  10. Hi Just had a look yesterday at the Kuiper, G. P.; et al 1960 Photographic Lunar Atlas Based on Photographs Taken at the Mount Wilson, Lick, Pic du Midi, McDonald and Yerkes Observatories in my local library - had to request it from the British Library Inter-Library loan system - only took a week! But it is reference only so no bringing home for a good look and ponder over. Mind you it is a beast - about 16" wide 24" long and 2" deep with 200+ plates in different illumination conditions - it is a real beauty to look at. From the history point of view interesting to see name changes. Still
  11. Depending on the expense, it may be worth a trial run to see what happens - the heat pushed out by most laptops would certainly warm the styroform up above the local temp and I would think help battery life. Rob
  12. Very nice, great demonstration of choosing the right time to observe areas
  13. This is fascinating, I'm on edge waiting for the next episode Rob
  14. Hi, Stephen Hawking's Universe 8pm Channel 4 tonight Part 1 of 3 - Clashes with Archive Hour on Radio 4 on Richard Fenyman.... Cheers Rob
  15. The Archive Hour on Radio 4 at 8pm this Saturday is about Richard Feynman - if you miss it it will be on the BBC iplayer for 7 days. Rob
  16. Hi, you're right on the location - that is a very good image Rob
  17. Really stunning , well done Rob
  18. Those are spectacular I'm amazed at how spot on the focus is beyond Humbolt - amazing Rob
  19. Hi Jarrod, hope you don't object but I used GIMP on your image and altered the Brightness/contast as levels. Youe focussing was spot on for this difficult time of viewing. I wish my first images had been as good Rob Jarrod.bmp
  20. Hi Jarrod that is a very nice image to have considering the subject (Moon at near full). The contrast and brightness may be brought down a touch - to some extent it is a personal thing. Myself I tend to use GIMP for last 'tweaks' as it is cost effective (ie zero). Very impressive image though. Congratulations. Rob
  21. Hi Neil, that's good news and having them locally in case of problems is a real bonus - good viewing!
  22. That's a very, very nice image Michael - if you don't mind the pun very 'atmospheric' but amazing
  23. Taking into account how you took them these are amazing - well done
  24. I can't fault the Celestrons I got from FLO (see thread below) Rob
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