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  1. Sorry, I couldn't find this if it's already been mentioned and mods feel free to move or delete.

    I just been pottering around on Kickstart and came across this http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/336056946/the-astronomy-legacy-project  taking a look at part of the PR the images are the Warner-Swasey Observatory collection of 14,500 plates which span 50 years from 1942-1992 and contain some of the most exotic objects in the universe like carbon stars and quasars!  The intent is to have these open acces on line.

    I've chipped in to help out so it sshould be interesting


  2. A while ago someone (not me) on another thread suggested a cardboard box on the end of a long pole until the end of the session. For gardening purposes only (cough) I've found bamboo canes from the £1 shop tied together with either tape or string to add to their length are useful in reaching those difficult to get at places when retrieving boxes that have reached inaccesible places

  3. This is just in the Works reduced from £50 to £9.99 It looks amazing having had a quick browse through it and the captions are very informative. A very large coffee table sized treat. Here's the 'blurb' from the Works website

    "The Complete Earth presents one of the most advanced portraits of the most advanced portraits of our planet ever created. Within these pages, data from NASA's most advanced Earth observing satellites has been combined to produce a cloud-free, digital atlas of the entire planet - a mappamundi for the information age."


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