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  1. 53 minutes ago, spaceboy said:

    PERFECT!! Just doesn't get much more grab and go that that ! :) Only shame is I can't see where you could squeeze a 9x30 in there.

    There is a large section of foam under the OTA that could be cut out. That's where my vibration pads are stored.

    best thing they don't touch the tube so no risk of marking.

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  2. 13 minutes ago, popeye85 said:

    jusst gave mine a go and sounds fine! fraid nothing like the horrible grinding sound that you seem to be getting! I would send it back and ask  tehm to look at it-sounds like a isue with the gears-strange that it is only on that speed that it sounds bad though

    Yeh it's a bit of a strange one! I've dropped FLO an email, I'm sure they will sort it. 

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