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  1. I'm glad you have had a little play with it... How did you add in the extra bits? Particularly the black black sections, it makes the whole picture look a lot neater. I used photmerge in CS5 to stitch the panes together but couldn't fathom out how to add in the missing areas of sky. Did you make the alterations to the full size image in the attachment?
  2. This is my first attempt at a Lunar Mosaic, as I said before I'm reasonably pleased. I have had to add the photoi as an attachment this time - hope it works and no more black hole photos!
  3. The picture should be there now. I can see it on my computer and iPhone. Let me know of it's not there and I'll post it again. Thanks for looking anyway!
  4. That's pretty good- what scope are you using?
  5. This is my first attempt at a Lunar Mosaic. I'm quite pleased with the results, considering it's my first go and all that. WO Megrez 72 @ F18 DFK21 Stitched together in Photoshop using the photomerge. Any good?
  6. Thanks for the response. I'm sure the lats and longs are correct. The problem in the other thread does seem like mine. I'm going to have another go and mess about with the park setting. Cheers Pat
  7. I have a problem; Mount is polar aligned. All details entered correctly, I'm sure of that. Start alignment process, either one, two or three star. Select a star, always one that I know, and the mount goes off in the wrong direction and ends up miles out. In fact half the sky out! Why would this happen? Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. Many thanks everyone! Just downloaded the converter and it works very well. Yet another problem solved by SGL members. Thanks again! Pat
  9. I'm a complete novice with a dslr and am having trouble.. I can't open the RAW files. They are listed as CR2 files. I can't open them with Photoshop and I've tried with Deepsky stacker but that doesn't seem to acknowledge they exist at all! Any help greatly appreciated!
  10. Thanks for the comments, I think I would agree with you on the processing. I deliberately went overboard with the wavelets but was curious to see what others would think. I've just checked out the colour on the link and I'll try to go for something near.
  11. I've been playing about with the image, changed the colouring a fraction and gone further with the wavelets. Do you thinbk this is over processed? I'm never quite sure how far to take it with the processing as you seem to be able to get away with quite a lot, I can't make up my mind. Afterall what is "natural" in solar imaging?
  12. Thanks for the comments. I'm using: Baader Solar Filter W O Megrez 72 EQ5 Mount DFK 21
  13. The sun today, my first effort with the new scope. I'm reasonably pleased.
  14. Since you bought and transported the scope have you collimated it?
  15. Patw#73


  16. Patw#73


    From the album: LX90

  17. Patw#73


    From the album: LX90

  18. Patw#73


    From the album: LX90

  19. Patw#73


    From the album: LX90

  20. Sounds like a nice set up. The images it delivers are stunning but what's it like at the eyepiece for observing? I've only ever seen the sun in white light.
  21. Superb image, lots going on. What equipment are you using?
  22. This time with attachment! 03092010.11102.bmp
  23. Here's my first go at solar imaging. Could improve focus and processing, but I'm reasonably pleased considering it's my first attempt. Taken with a LX90 and DFK at F10 Comments welcome!
  24. Ken, Thanks - just had a look at Raben, brilliant. Pat
  25. Look ing at the sun on Saturday afternoon, (in white light) I could not see any activity at all. Then I was wondering how I could be sure that I had got the best focus and thta I wasn't missing any smaller details etc. The seeing wasn't too good either with a lot of boiling going on. Does anyone have a tricks/tips etc?
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