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  1. If you use a GOTO mount, use the co-ordinates here http://astronomynow.com/2014/12/29/get-ready-for-comet-lovejoy/ Chris
  2. Yes. Additionally, it's not enough to say that the signals travel at the speed of light, so length is immaterial (until very very long) because unless the cable is perfect, with no bad connections, etc, then it will degrade the signal, and the longer it is the worse it gets, but normally exponentially so. At work, we have to run USB cables for projectors etc into Network or Ethernet cabling to reach a screen only 4 metres away, because pure USB can't cope and data is lost.
  3. Just checked in my avast, and can't find where it reports on virus's etc. However, that said I also use AS!2 with Avast virus scanner, and haven't had any issues. Try switching it off to do the install, and see if it complains once installed - i suspect it won't.
  4. Still trying to learn all the workflow for PS etc - may have another go from AVI files up at some point now I know a little more
  5. Great image, Hubble has been revisiting old haunts recently according to BBC news
  6. Going on an HEQ5 Pro synscan. My real question is what are the relative pixel sizes of the various cameras, and how do I choose one to to match to the focal length?
  7. Look for a used one too, as that way you can save quite a bit. Astro kit is normally wel looked after from what I've seen, and as you normally have to pick up (large to post) you can check it over before parting with cash
  8. Arrgh!!! Won't load for me - has it been moved?
  9. Very good, wish I could draw but I can't!!
  10. Nice, always been fascinated by solar viewing, but never tried
  11. Can get dew heaters that attach to the front, or wrap around the back of the secondary as that tends to be affected first. Never had an issue with my 130 SLT though
  12. Hoping to pick up a SW 200P shortly. Been looking at Canon 450D, 500D, 1000D, 1100D DSLR cameras. Can anybody advise which would be best (or indeed another model entirely) - need to match pixel size to FL (1000mm) I think, but not sure how to do the calulations Thanks Chris
  13. I heard they were the same sensor, but the newer one is not as well put together, so now I'm confused all over again
  14. Would be interested, as about to do the same myself
  15. Pi will do just about anything you set your mind to from what I've seen from what guys at work have done with them
  16. Went on a Trans Saharan holiday a few years back - not an astro tour - but I remember never seeing anywhere so black. Some days we were 100 miles+ from the nearest village!!
  17. I use turn left at orion - very good book, but only black and white diagrams, and sometimes hard to follow. Can't beat stellarium on a phone, and even managed a free version from somewhere, whilst the play store wanted to charge - free on a PC though
  18. I cleaned my mirrors (very very carefully) with pads and fluid normally used for DSLR sensors. Figured if it's ok there, then a mirror should be ok too. Worked well, but fluid evaporates so quick, it's hard to keep the pad damp - but with a bit of patience they are now clean
  19. Wow, everyone is so much more organised than me. I tend to read, and collect a list of objects to view, that are good at the right time of day / year, but don;t then keep what I looked at. Perhaps I should annotate the Turn Left at Orion book I use to find stuff in the first place
  20. Hi and welcome, newish myself, but having fun so far
  21. Thanks for all the welcoming comments
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