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  1. The sky portal app is fantastic...when it works. The scope tends to lose connection to my tablet and crash. I don't know if it's just bugs in the app or it doesn't like my tablet. When it does work and I've got it aligned it is damn near spot on when I go to an object selected. There are also a lot of features you can adjust such as slew speed, backlash, and maximum/minimum degree of vertical slew. Optics on the 9.25 are excellent. Standard xlt coatings but nice sharpness with little coma. The mount is also quite beefed up. It is 90 percent metal constructed and the motor is a big s tep up from the SE. The tripod is the heavy duty one that comes with the bigger cpc scopes. overall evolution is a great visual scope. The hyperstar capability and ability to add an eq. Wedge are a nice bonus. There are better scopes of course but with the evolution being essentially a pimped out version of the SE series, you can't go wrong.

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  2. I've always had a fascination with astronomy though ive never actively pursued it. Early this year I had discovered one of my old friends from highschool is a professional astronomer and briefly worked at NASA JPL. This gave me a kick in the pants and I took it upon myself to self teach myself on anything related to astronomical physics and cosmology. My wife gave me a used Nexstar 4se telescope as an anniversary gift. This would be the first telescope I ever owned. Needless to say that first night I gazed upon the hazy glow of Andromeda I was hooked. Two months later and I just got ahold of a new Nexstar Evolution 9.25. I eventually want to get into astrophotography but that will be later down the line. Kicking myself that I didn't get involved in this realm sooner :p

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