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  1. Has anyone used one of the above setups and would you recommend it? Will the above mount setup automatically track an object that my dslr is locked onto? Is there a maximum exposure time limit with the electronic shutter release cables they come with to suit my dslr?
  2. I'm going to be buying our first scope setup on Tuesday from FLO and I'm insanely excited. I know it's a bit cheeky, but as members here are there any discount codes we can use?
  3. Steve ward - That link to AstroBin is phenomenal. Or should that be Astronomical :-)
  4. Thanks for all the replies everyone. Definite food for thought so to speak. Much appreciated :-)
  5. Nope, nothing explicit going on. Lol Just wondering what sort of images are possible with a Skywatcher 200p & EQ5 with synscan hooked up to an dslr? Thanks in advance, Dafz.
  6. Thanks Glowjet. I still fish the river for Sewin and salmon now and the tawe too. Love being out at night under the stars no matter what hobby I am doing at the time. The wildlife is amazing too :-)
  7. This is a great spot for anyone in the area? 51 51' 10" N 3 50' 30" W Very little light pollution and amazing skies at night. There is a big car park and lots of big flat spots on the hills and mountain especially in the old quarry on the mountain.
  8. Just incase anyone is interested, the following location is incredible at night. 51 51' 10" N 3 50' 30" W There's a big car park and lots of flat spots all over the hills and mountain too.
  9. SA18 Hello everyone & hope to meet some of you soon to ask endless questions no doubt :-)
  10. Thanks guys. Will look for it now :-)
  11. Hi everyone, Just thought I would introduce myself and have a good look around the forum to help with getting started with astronomy. I live right on the borders of swansea & Carmarthenshire in South Wales right on the black mountains and love being out in the pitch black gazing upwards. So we have decided to take the plunge and buy a telescope setup and emerge ourselves in the hobby. We are aiming to get a Skywatcher Explorer 200p with the EQ-5 mount to start and then when funds allow will buy the synsync GOTO system to add to it. Mostly we will be observing from our back garden which is fairly dark as we are on the bottom of the mountain, but will also be doing long nights up the mountain where it is pitch black and the skies are incredible. When we have enough experience awe would also like to try astro photography but not for a while. Anyway, I won't bore you anymore. Dafz.
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