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  1. I purchased celestrons own brand case of eyepieces not to expensive for what you get also includes filters and it gives me the chance to experiment without shelling out a fortine on a single lens. Plus the case is metal and will last for years as you replace eyepieces with more appropriate ones for your needs. I have on top of these since purchased a wide angle celestron luminos eyepiece and changed the red dot finder for a telrad red dot finder.
  2. Believe it or not my viewing sky is quite poor and i do not drive but still the amount i can see or even just feel is pure magic xxxxx
  3. Since I got my new telescope this year I've been lucky enough to have a few clear nights. But what I have enjoyed the most after being away from astronomy for a number of years is quite simply sitting back in my deckchair with my cat. You forget how brilliant the sky is you forget how much you can learn just sitting still. My advice to other new telescope owners is try and resist that new scope fever to see this object or that and just and watch the sky you will be amazed.
  4. Not sure of number but but all port numbers matched. It had no problems finding and updating handset but could never find the camera.
  5. So that's it reboxed and left on shelf. Have emailed celestron one last time but as it stands money wasted. Next time I will imvest in new lenses instead, lesson learned. I have no doubt it is a good piece of kit if it worked.
  6. Right I am now making my final attempt to update the firmware on this device. I have purchased new new cables etc. if it does not work I will box it away as an expensive mistake . Celestron support is rubbish and I feel have the issue is in the antiquated cables used to update, as I am typing the software has once again failed to find the camera. Well I have a spare hour of trying then that's it. I have attempted the update on win 7, win 8 and Mavericks on a Mac all fail to find the camera.
  7. My mistake this was part of another thread I had, yes it is the firmware I am trying to update and having nightmares doing so. Sorry for confusion.
  8. Right I am now on a windows 7 PC same problem as with Mac book it will download and update hand control but cannot find camera got no where with windows 8 so I know I must be close to solving this.
  9. Now all but given up trying to get this working with a windows PC. Now trying a Mac book running Mavericks. At first I was excited it appeared to work first time. However my excitement is short lived as it continues to fail to find the camera any ideas ?
  10. Still appear to be having same problem. Tried looking at port numbers etc. firmware manager will tell me it has identified my scope, second box down where packages should download has the title of the file but will not download third box just says waiting for Internet or device scan, on clicking it, it just scans for the scope. The closest I have gotten it to work is on a Mac, all packages downloaded no problem but then it could not find the camera.
  11. Thank you will probably be another 24 hours before I can check it out.
  12. Can anybody help, I have all but given up trying to get this working. I've downloaded the latest firmware, installed programme on windows 8 PC. But it will not update, I have managed on one occasion to download the packages but it then does nothing when seeking the scope. Or it finds the scope and and the cfm_1.9.4200.zip file just sits their. Java up to date, I'm all but ready to accept it has been an expensive white elephant. Can anybody help please.
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