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  1. thanks for the comments re my lunar queery... just want to through another question out ther... are we looking for life in the wrong place ie Mars?? with exremophiles croping up in some weird places here on earth why aren't we looking at Venus??? it has admitably very toxic atmosphere byt bacterium hae been found thriving in nuclear reactors as well as suriving the journey to the moon on the survayor craft..
  2. hello.. before i start i must say that i'm not repeat not a lunar landing hoaxer.. just thatbi'm a space enthuiast. ( regretably my only viewing equip is 10 x 50 bionocs ) i'm just curious with the hi tec indian , chinese and the latest us observers of the moon that we have,nt seen any detail of previous lunar missions. i was not ever expecting to see Eagle platorm but surely if we can image spirit and oppoutunity on mars surely we could see the tracks of thr rovers by Apollo 15 ,16 and 17
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