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  1. Yeah, sky's apparently looking promising for me too. I might actually get to see the blumming thing! Currently planning on carting my 250mm dob to the middle of a field, as my northen sky is blocked at home. Exciting!
  2. Weirdly, I'm getting a chart from cartes du ciel that plots DA14 at a slightly different position than all other charts. For example, Heavens Above puts DA14 going past Ursa Major at my position at 2130, but cartes du ciel at 1930! That's quite a discrepancy! What's going on?
  3. Yeah folding down the eyecups works! Cheers! Stability suffers a bit, but then the wide field and IS makes that less of a worry. Cheers!
  4. Despite having had a telescope for years, I'm not above asking embarrassing noob questions... I really can't get along with using binoculars, and I've been putting it down to my poor vision and need to wear glasses. I look up, fix on a star, need to take my glasses off to look through the bins, then have no idea where I am because I completely lost track of what I was looking at after I took off my glasses. So finding anything is a complete nightmare, and I usually give up. (With a scope, I can use the red-dot finder or even a finder scope with my glasses. I then know where I am, and take the
  5. Cheers! Why bother offering it as an option if its no longer supported though? Hey ho.
  6. Absolutely. This will radically change the OU, and will effectively deny access for a lot of people. I'm not usually prone to hyperbole but this really could be an end of an era. Apparently the costs of modules is/was subsidised by the government, I'd read somewhere. I can kind of see why some may feel that it's not really a high priority to subsidise some pensioners' little hobby, but I think it's a shame.
  7. I'm not entirely sure if I've got this right, but from my understanding, for many studying at the OU may be a thing of the past. The government's "restructuring" of the fees system has implications for studying at the OU. Wheras before you could just do whatever you want pretty much and pay on a module by module basis, from my understanding it's changing to a system where students are going to have to pay £5k up front, which will cover 120 points worth of modules. This not only reflects a significant investment upfront (even if done with finance, it's still a considerable financial commitment)
  8. Don't you have to do all the aligning and stuff? Also, Dob mounts are unstable, so I'd be worried about accuracy. Have not actually used one mind, so maybe I should be quiet.
  9. What about a non-goto dob? Never understood the logic behind a goto dob. The whole point imho of a dob is that it's quick and easy. Complicating it with a computer? Nah. I've got a 250px flextube from before they went all goto. It's great for a quick session. I've also got a 200 Newt that I put on a HEQ5 with EQ mod if I feel like being all techy about. Sure it takes longer to set up but then it's quite easy from there, and things actually stay in view! Sorry this isn't helping. Would hate to get rid of a the EQ mount though. That's a useful bit of kit and you never know what you might want t
  10. When I get to select the ASCOM driver for my QHY5v, I can select ASCOM "late" or erm, ASCOM not late interfaces. Reading the scant info I can find, it suggests that early binding has fewer over computer heads, but doesn't really give any downsides, and can't find a good reason why I should want to chose the late binding. Why should I chose either one over the other?
  11. As an aside, I'm sure people always used to recommend refractors for astrophotography, and more and more people seem to be using and recommending Newtonians lately. Is that a trend or is that just me misremeberifying?
  12. I've done it both ways, and had a heart stopping "thunk" noise doing it your way. Nothing damaged, but I could do with out the scare
  13. Actually, I'd go with having the scope vertical. Remove all the screw and then lift the tube off. Doing it horizontally means 1. gravity will pull on the remaining screws as you progressively pull them out, making your job harder 2. mean you have to roll the ota (!) to reach all of them 3. when you take the last one out, the cell may fall out, damaging something.
  14. The hobbits of West Montgomeryshire are known for their enthusiasm for astronomy.
  15. In the sense that the entry to the maths courses do not require A level maths, so they provide modules which bridge the gap. e.g. MU123 - Discovering mathematics - Open University Course or even the more basic Y162 - Starting with maths - Open University Course These aren't qualifications in themselves, they're stepping-stones to the more advanced courses. I still don't get what you're trying to achieve though. I don't see how you think any of the problems you outlined with getting on with maths at AS level will be solved by doing a distance learning course. Not trying to discourage or undermi
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