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  1. Will do! I get the net on my mobile but its pretty crappy to be honest. Using works right now . I cant wait tonights going to be a good veiwing
  2. "especially the terminator of the shadow" The line between light and dark?
  3. Yey! I now have my target and now I know the program is correct without the net I can find other objects! Really a question I wish I'd asked months ago lol
  4. How does it synchronise itself? Doesn’t it work in real time?
  5. I already have that program loaded onto my laptop but I thought it needed to be connected to the net to function?
  6. Okay so I'm sure most of us have watched the weather and heard we are supposed to be in for a cracking night all over the UK! I have my celestron 127 and I have no idea what to look for. My problem is I don’t have the internet at home, I have a few books that will help but I guess but I’d like a target to try and spot. So does anyone know anything interesting that will be in the sky tonight? Astral
  7. I thought it was thank you! (Just won a debate there!)
  8. All I can see is a box with a big red X in it. is it my pc?
  9. I really bought this scope for looking at the planets, and if I really got into it I promised myself I would buy a more expensive scope. The dealer assured me this scope would do alright viewing planets but did tell me deeper sky objects might require an upgrade.
  10. I'm sure as I get better I will control it better also.Its just frustrating for a newbie to see everyones wonderful images on here and I want to see it all with my own eyes too!
  11. Thats a good idea! An astro club would be so helpful to me. I am based in the forest of dean (Gloucestershire) Anyone know of any club listings?
  12. I'm afraid I cannot afford to just buy a new telescope package, not that rich I'm afraid! I like my Celestron and being a girl on a budget I'm going to just have to live with it now.Any suggestions that won't leave me eating spam for the next month? haha
  13. Okay I'm confused. How do you know if the mount will fit my telescope? Super newbie by the way....
  14. A TAL? How would I find one of those? *Runs off to google it*
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