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  1. Thank you. I've seen a sollution. I will try fix the problem and then I come back
  2. Hello: I have a problem with the R.A. axis setting circle in my mount (SW EQ 3-2). Maybe it's because I don't use it correctly, although I have read the instructions several times, and I fear it's something that does not work well. If you could help me I would be very grateful. When I unlock the R.A. axis, there is a screw that can fix the setting circle. This screw works fine. The problem is that when I rotate the telescope in R.A. movement back and forth, sometimes the scale rotates correctly and sometimes rotate "loose", and here come and inaccuracies that can reach several hours. I tried with and without the metal cap that brings (which I do not know what it is for exactly). I have also tried to leave the screw loose. I've tried everything and can not get the setting circle reading gradual and proportional to the rotation axis values without getting fixed in a few moments. Any advice will be wellcomed! Thank you and best regards!
  3. Thank you very much to you. I've printed the Mag 7 star atlas and ordered the S&T Pocket Star Atlas. I'm sure will be great help for improve my orientation across the sky
  4. I understand that projection distort the object, I use maps from years ago. This is not the problem. I will try explain it in my very poor English. If you divide a semisphere in nine declination zones (10° every part) paralels and you project this eight equidistant zones in a plane surface, the resultant circles are not equidistant. And in my planisfhere are equidistant, the equatorial line is not marked and the negative declination objects are into the paralel n° 8. I don't understand how can calculate the aprox. declination in the planisphere.
  5. Thank you. But in a star atlas the declination coordinates are exactly scaled in grades I think. The projection logically distort the image but the coordinates are exact
  6. Thank you for your clear post! In the star atlas is the same?
  7. Than you. Then, a planisphere represent the real right ascension but not the real declination, this last only approximate. I think that I need a star map for a precise coordinate information.
  8. Ok, thank you. But the scale of this circles is not graduated but equidistant, and the celestial equator not represented, hence my confussion.
  9. Thank you for your replies. I understand. But, what mean the paralell circles in the planisphere?
  10. Hello: These days I'm beginning to enjoy "Guía del firmamento", by Comellas. On page 30 the author explains how to locate objects using his mixed recommeded method (locating an object easily identifiable by eye and then to reach its location with the coordinates). But my question is when I move the planisphere to follow graphically the explanation. For example, the star Antares (Alpha Scorpii), has a declination of -26 ° 19 ': - Why, if it has a negative declination, I can see it from the Northern Hemisphere (36° North)? - Why is reflected in the planisphere with aprox. + 12° declination? Sure are two easy questions but I can't resolve myself! Any information would be wellcomed. Kind regards.
  11. a very clear concept of a good sky indeed!
  12. Thank you. I did't knew about Calar! Alpujarras us a commun weekend place for people around. This sound fantastic. Your list is very interesrimg too! Greetings
  13. Very insteresting info, Qualia. Your reference is the Bortle scale, I don't know this scale, and I will look how it works. Thank you!
  14. Yes, this mountains in Malaga are very cloudy in autum, without serious rain but the fog is present every day while in Málaga is sunny!
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