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  1. Yes I’m shooting in RAW mode and down loading direct to the computer and not to a memory card in the camera Laurie
  2. Hi all Sorry if is not the right place to post this. I have just noticed that when using my canon 20D on AC power using DC400 coupler with the camera controlled by the canon capture software that the counter next to the power indicator is counting down the number of shots remaining as it does with batteries fitted this is only happening in the manual program modes in the auto program modes its shows 999 and does not change with the number of shots taken. Now the question is what happens when the counter reaches 0. thanks for the response Laurie
  3. This is Impressive. Please keep the images coming, One day I’ll have to try this myself. Laurie.
  4. Its another horrible day in Tom Price what am I to do with sky’s like this (pic1) and the nights aren’t any better (pic2) and its getting cooler 26c during the day and down to 9c at night!!!! Photo 1 taken yesterday using a 20D with 300mm lens, Photo 2 taken last night using 20D 100mm f2.8 @120sec x 1 piggy backed on a LX 200 Laurie.
  5. Steve Thanks for the information on the mounts some I do know about and others I will check out I don’t mind waiting or paying for the right one. Here the address for the Argo Navis site for you or any one else to check out you might find it interesting http://www.wildcard-innovations.com.au/ Laurie
  6. I’m thing about one of the sky watcher mounts for my DSLR camera when doing wide field shots do you think the mount will provide enough accuracy for long exposures? Laurie
  7. Mick I believe the G11 is of reasonable quality that could be slightly improved for more accuracy as for the EQ6/pro I do not think it will take the weght or is of the quality I am looking for with the number of problem people have had with them. Why do you like the Gemini system over the Argo Navis system? What I’m looking for a precision mount that will work straight out of the box . Laurie
  8. Fantastic job of imaging and processing. I’ll have to try the radial blur technique some time. I do like the darker one better Laurie
  9. Hi Steve In response to your question the main function will be for astrophotography with some visual work the load capacity should around 22Kg (scopes. cameras, adapters, eye pieces, mounting and cabling ) the setup will need to be portable some of the time ( hopefully I can get to some star parties ) the rest it will be observatory mounted. I hope this narrows it down a bit more. Laurie
  10. I be surprised of is question has not being asked before. But here it is again, What do you consider to be the best mount and goto system on the market to day? The one I like at the moment is a Losmandy G11/ Titan with the Gemini or Argo Navis system fitted. I’m looking for a mount that will work straight out of the box with out having to modify or adjust components for precision tracking be for use. Thanks in advance Laurie
  11. outwestwa

    I'm new!

    Hi Ron from Australia if SGL make you as welcome as they have me another newbie . You’ll be glad you joined the forum Cheers Laurie
  12. Thanks to every one for the warm welcome if this is any indication of what SGL community is like I am delighted to be part of it. Kind regards Laurie
  13. Sorry about the confusion Tom Price is the town I live in, Laurie is my name.
  14. Hello to all members of SGL from Tom Price in the Pilbara region of Western Australia an area of blue sky’s, high temperatures in summer (40+ deg C) and cold winter night temperatures some times down to 0 deg, this is a beautiful region with white gums that form a stark contrast against the red earth with deep gorges and cold water pools in them and the best part is truly dark sky’s at night.
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