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  1. hmmm, not too far for us either - will have a chat with the hubby... even if we come for the weekend that would be good.
  2. Hi Clare, I don't know if you use Stellarium already but it's great to use as a 'map' & it's free to download. I love my bins & take them everywhere... lying on a sun-lounger at 2am does look at bit funny but I love it! enjoy! Claire
  3. How are you going to compete with MrDK's Strongbow dew shield...?
  4. shaula

    Hello All

    Hi Barry, welcome to the site! People who I work with think I'm mad when I get all excited that's it's getting darker earlier! their loss but we love it! enjoy! Claire
  5. Hi Mrs DK, welcome to the sight. Me & Neil met you on Saturday - we brought the BBQ & stole ur gas - thanks. I'm sure all the cooks were cursing us an hour into the big cook challenge (good job they did too). I love my 12'' dob (same one as you) - notice I say 'my'.. he's got a 6'' (snigger snigger) but he does the imaging. You'll love it... Neils done the OU S194 (astro), S196 (planets) & S198 (how the universe works). I'm on level 2 - S283 (astrophysics/ astrobiology) & did S208 (Observing the Universe) in March Observatorie in Mallorca - I think there's a few photos on my flickr site, link below. That's another hobby that seriously bites & costs money too but when your hobbies sit well together & involves the other half then it can't be bad. Claire x
  6. I feel a 'drake-esq-type' equation coming up.... let me have a few glasses of vino later & I'll have the answer for you!!
  7. Well done Jordan!! best of luck with your other results... you're obviously a bright star!! ;-)
  8. That is amazing! I told my friends that I'd looked at the Sun thru a scope (thanks to Richard on Sunday morning) & they thought I was insane but now I'll send them in this direction so they can appreciate it too. Thanks for posting that, you rock!
  9. shaula


    Hi Daniel, I tend to use this to my advantage when someone stresses me out or things get too much for me! I put things into perspective, it goes like this... me + stress = shut eyes & visualize/ think: Me in building in street in city in country in continent on Earth in Universe - so much going on down there in the world that is totally out of my control.. what the heck, just get on with it! Stress gone!! happy days.
  10. Try the Open Uni... they might have something???
  11. yep, that's pretty stunning! bet you're chuffed with that!
  12. excellent idea but it just never seems to happen, even in the IYA!! There's still not enough astro-stuff out there. I've started up an astronomy forum in work (obviously with a link to SGL!) & put posters up & loadsa people think it's dead cool but I think many more think I'm a geek!! I recall someone once saying to me 'it's only dots in the sky- what's the big deal?'! You know who you are!! & you should be shot...
  13. you is one cool mother hubbard!! nice one... made me really chuckle!
  14. You greedy little thing you. Of course, I'd forgive you for buying it if you just bung it on a courier for me - ta! ;-) Enjoy! looks like a nice bit of kit.
  15. WOW! what a stunner! that's amazing...time well spent.
  16. Hi, We had a lovely clear night on Sunday so we stayed up & trawled the skies. We found the M13 which looked clear and well detailed but small through the 70%FOV 38 superwide angle lens so, thinking we'd be able to see it close-up, swapped the lens for the 9mm Plossl & 2xbarlow but couldn't see anything! Can someone tell me how we can get a better look at it next time please? cheers Claire
  17. Welcome me babber! ;-) Claire (Bristol)
  18. Hi Dave, welcome to the site! enjoy Claire
  19. Hi James, welcome to the site, but be warned... this game is soooo addictive! I started with a pair of bins & now I have a hit list of things I 'need to buy'. have fun Claire
  20. Hi Stoney........welcome & happy gazing. Claire
  21. you love it! shut up. Just cos you think you wear the trousers! Don't forget.. I tell you which ones to wear!! ;-P
  22. she? she? do you want me to kick your ar*e young man? OK, it'll be the freestuff then.. ;-) (fair trade for a gurt massive scope) Here's one I like the look of....got some extra cash? Ta x http://media.skyandtelescope.com/images/Scope-inside_800px.jpg
  23. Can I be rude & ask how much I should expect to pay for Maxim DL, I've used it before but don't have it myself & hopefully (when MrP buys me a scope - he's bascially knicked mine!) I'll get to use it.
  24. oops - think I've just cursed him!! it's still too fast aparently. Sounds like a hedge-strimmer!!!
  25. apart from him making lots of grunting noises & cursing non-stop for the last two days - I think he might of done it!! just waiting for an unfurrowed brow. No doubt that I'll benefit from this, so thanks guys. Cheers Claire
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