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  1. Plenty of coffee, no food as I am a messy eater. The crumbs would be everywhere they should,nt be .......!
  2. Have got good views to the North and East, not so good to the South have to wait until targets reach 35 degrees before I can observe well. My main problem is with my neighbour to the west who has decided to keep chickens. He has fitted 2 lights which he keeps on all night......! At least he was made to get rid of the cockerel lol
  3. Just bought Burnham's Celestail Handbook Vols 1-3 for the second time. The originals bought in the late 1970s disappeared during a messy divorce. Feels like an old friend is back home
  4. Great idea. Count me in if work commitments allow
  5. Growing up a stones throw from the Lincolnshire coast the Milky Way was very much an old friend to me in 60s and 70s. As I grew older and the night sky dimmer the naked eye treasures of Cassiopeia and the blamy summer nights exploring the joys Cygnus were lost to me. During the summer of 2008 I relived those halcyon days renting a cottage in North Wales. Spending the late night watching Cygnus rise and saying hello to many long lost naked eye friends. Perhaps one day when the authorites get a grip of the excessive amount of light wastefully thrown into the sky those treasures will be back for all of us.
  6. Hi Colin Thanks for the reply, hope to put your tips into action on the Venus/Jupiter conjunction next month. Clear skies permitting .
  7. Great image Colin . Was the image taken with the 18-55mm lens ?
  8. Bought a canon 1000d in mid June only managed to set the scope up twice since then due to work commitments and Spode's Law
  9. to all pleased to have joined. Have just purchased a canon 1000d to go with my SN 10. Am looking forward to posting images clear nights permitting:D
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