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  1. HI this is good but you have centralize the camera to your mounts axis
  2. Hi its incorporated but I think i used the latest eqmod v2.00j but I can modify the newer ones and also the 1.29 was also great version so no major upgrade necessary from this, but if the guys love this mod I think they will implement in the newer versions.
  3. Dear All! Please read everything!!! I have a big DEC backlash on my EQ3 mount near to 8000ms, and the pulse guide correction is slow and the 2000ms doesnt enough to correct this issue. So I decided to correct it with this great EQMOD project to add some new code in the backlash correction The plan was to use the slew direction to correct the backlash! WARNING!!!! this code works like the slew controls so its minimally override the DEC coordinates. Installation from zip file: 1. install AQESCOM - final version\EQASCOM_V200j_Setup.exe 2. Copy files from final version\comm
  4. Hi All! I would like to share a minimum movement calculator according due to http://www.myastroscience.com/minmoveinphd FYI: Do Not Touch RED cells!!!! min move calculator.xlsx
  5. Hi All! I have some problem with my EQ3 synscan, 2 months ago the motor controller was warmed and the hand controller said: "no link to mc. Stand alone mode." I've replaced the MIC2171WU MICREL SEMICONDUCTOR because it was short circuit, and heat problem is solved but the hand-controller still cannot connect to the motor controller "no link to mc. Stand alone mode." Other electronic parts looking good. Somebody can tell what are those 6 pins on the MC mother controller. Can I connect via com port? regards Tamas
  6. Thank You Guys! I don't have OTA but I dont want to disassembly my newtonian, I just want to know how to square it, if it is necessary. Btw I realised if the collimation isn't good you can also square focuser by moving up and down.
  7. Thank You but I need a better information and also i cannot find in this description
  8. Hi All! I would like to share you with a little xls-file with some calculations the source is origin from here: http://www.myastroscience.com/#!minmoveinphd/cfo1 TAE CALCULATOR.xls
  9. Hi All! Im face with the driver problem again. Solution: 1. download the CP2104 driver from Sil Labs, install etc. 2. install the DIY SimpleGpUsb driver 3. If SimpleGpUsb has overwrite the driver CP2104 > switch to Sil Lab driver 4. Find folder under Program FIles / SimpleGpUsb and overwrite the CP210xRuntime.dll file from original Sil Labs / AN223SW_GPIO_Read_Write_Examples Tested under Windows 7 32/64 bit Conclusion the Ascom driver is working with original CP2104 driver only 1 problem the SimpleGpUSB driver install wrong runtime library
  10. WORKING NOW!!!! uninstalled simpledriver than install sili driver and simple driver again!!!!!! and CP21xxCustomizationUtility see the device with simple driver!!!
  11. I geuss I found the problem when I install the simpledriver I cannot control with the board, the PortNumExampleVC.exe, see the device with wrong port ID Found Device: VID=AEF7, PID=51A0 Serial Num= Interface=0 This device is on COM Port: -1
  12. Hi All! I found this great and cheap guider port description here, big like for the enginer I've made it from the description, I couldn't order CP2103 only CP2104 board, port number 4, CP210xPortReadWrite.exe works-> I see the controller led is changing to red and i feel the motors movement, but with any ascom platform guider program like PHD cant control it I tried with manual etc. no luck I've check the code but I didnt see any board dependency so as I see its universal for all CP210x board with GPIO. Windows 7 32bit Please help Me!!! regards Thomas
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