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  1. Re M110...after a few weeks observing regularly I'm fairly convinced I can see it quite clearly in both the 15x70s and 12x50s. M32 is much harder in my limited experience. Although I suspect it has more to do with LP/atmospheric conditions rather than the binoculars.
  2. Since I'm not allowed to edit posts, just wanted to note that I had Sirius confused with Capella, my mistake!!
  3. Moving from a city to the country is what sparked my interest in stargazing; especially the view of the MW! The biggest difficulty has been keeping moisture and dew off my lenses. As it turns out the free celestron 15x70s have a more serious problem - one of the metal spring tabs that holds a prism in place is not secure and they go out of collimation with any rough handling. They need to be opened and the prism repositioned on almost a nightly basis! In frustration I ordered a pair of 12x50 Pentax PCF II for the measly $130 I had saved. They have been a pleasant surprise. To me they seem eas
  4. Had a few more nights observing now. Bins are holding up OK! I'm starting to learn the sky pretty well - Stellarium has been fantastic to help plan my viewing sessions. Last night was great. A good 5 minute flyover from ISS as it passed over W-NE - couldn't really make out any details in the 15x70's and the moon was still quite high in the sky at this point. Fantastic views of the Perseus Double Cluster last night! I followed it most of the night as it rose in the north-northeast. Managed to also grab a quick look at M34, although I have to admit I kept coming back to the double cluster becaus
  5. Thanks everyone! Just wanted to share what a great night I had especially with all the info available here. On the cost front certainly it is no worse than many other hobbies and at least I'm leaning while doing it!!
  6. With some great advise from this forum, I have been saving up for a nice pair of Oberwerk 10x50 Ultra's. In the meantime I purchased a heavy duty tripod (which i wanted for my camera anyway), and set out in earnest learning the night sky with the help of Stellarium and Turn Left at Orion. Earlier this week I happened to stumble across a garage sale and bought a broken pair of "broken" 15x70 Celestron Sky Masters for $5. The owner told me they had a double image. It seemed to me one of the objective lenses wasn't screwed in properly. With some effort I was able to unscrew the lens and noticed t
  7. Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. I think I will try to save up a bit more because I'm the kind of person who will regret making an impulse buy. No matter which I end up choosing (10x50 or 15x75) I will make sure to get a mount also.
  8. Thanks for the advice and recommendations? Am I right in saying I'm better off waiting until I can spend about $300 so I can get a model with individual focus? seems to be some conflicting advise regarding 10x50 v. 15x70. I suppose I need to decide if general use and portability ia more important to me than being able to see fainter objects?
  9. I understand that if I decide on 15x70 I would need/want a tripod. I guess my real question is there a real advantage to 15x70 over 10x50 in dark skies with little LP? Here's a link to it a First Light Optics, it's also one of the recommended models at BinocularSky.com. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/pentax-porroprism/pentax-10x50-pcf-wp-ii.html
  10. Since I can't do an edit, I'll have to double post- sorry! My first choice is currently the Pentax 65808 PCF II Waterproof for ~ $150.
  11. Hi All, I'm looking for my first set of binoculars. I've sort of decided on 10x50's, although I haven't completely thrown out the idea of 15x70's. I have quite dark night skies, which is the reason I was leaning towards 10x50's, in addition to their greater ease of use/holding steady. Unfortunately I don't really have a camera shop or the like to where I can go and actually inspect different models, so I will need to buy online. I assume that I can always return them if they are damaged, or don't meet my expectations. I've looked around a bit and have a budget of ~$170 (100 GBP). I was sort o
  12. Thanks all for the kind welcomes and recommendations. I am enjoying reading and learning more about this hobby! And stay away from my land! I meant to say it is smoggy and I live next door to a bristling metropolis!
  13. Hi All, I've always had a passing interest in astronomy and cosmology. Having recently moved into a very rural area with almost no light pollution, I am really interested in doing some stargazing. The night sky is gorgeous from my house, on a clear night the milky way can be observed clearly, it's simply stunning! I was going to run out an buy a telescope. After some lurking and reading around here, I've decided to belay that and look for a decent set of 10x50 binoculars to start with. Hoping to learn as I go!
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