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  1. not so silly, I did originally think of having the pond as a moat around the obsy but making a moat would be a lot of work compared to just buying a liner
  2. thanks for the replies, the lid looks pretty rusted in so will wd it and try and get it up and see which way the pipes go. as it stands the garden slopes away from the garage behind which I want to build the obsy. I can get about 9 feet to the point where I have to put a large pond (part of the deal) I am hoping that the pipe work doesn't run straight down the hill or it will be where the pond has to go as well
  3. evening all, finally got round to clearing the remaining tree/hedge/bush debri that had built up behind the garage, where my obsy will be. next to shift all the broken bricks/ slabs. this was going well when I dropped a large piece of thick slab which made a weird sound when it hit the ground. scrapped away the earth and found a manhole cover, right where the foundations for my obsy will be. this will loose me a couple of foot of the obsys size, I am hoping that the pipework from it doesn't run through the area to be dug, only time will tell
  4. oldnut

    obsy size

    well still clearing the ground but have made a start on the prelim drawings. I seem to have headed of in an untried direction, be interesting if it works!
  5. universe made by the those that make memory foam mattresses and delivered in an amazon box. once expansion has taken place with the cavernous box there is no way of repacking!
  6. oldnut

    obsy size

    thanks for the input, it would appear size is everything. the reason for the limited size is that the garage will hide it from the road BUT it will be right in front of the kitchen window, albeit about 8 feet away. maybe cover it in growy flowery things....
  7. oldnut

    obsy size

    that is a solid looking job! mine can go to 2.5m but that would be about it without it being visible (trying to keep it hidden behind the garage) I also like the idea of a round one as I have built many sheds but never a round one
  8. evening all, been trying to work out the minimum/ comfortable fit size for my obsy. I will be using a sw200 in it, so standing it in the living room and using a ring of chairs/stools/boxes etc I think a 2.2 mtr circle will be a goodish fit...I think. (by the way I am either building a dome or D shaped obsy) what do my more learned colleagues think?
  9. those are the hoists I was thinking about, we use the wheeled versions at work.
  10. I am thinking of camouflage paint outside and purple inside
  11. how about a wheelchair hoist, they are bolted to the floor of the car (people carrier usually) and swing out pick up the chair and swing it in
  12. your going faster than me! I put my back out so am on painkillers and anti-inflamitories. cant bend much so just braking up all the smaller bits and bagging up for trips to the dump.
  13. its taken a couple of weeks and the purchase of a 6000lb winch to get the final conifer root out. started attacking the laurels, and other prickly things. worked out the largest obsy I can fit is 10 foot. as its behind the garage and next to a fence with next doors holly type tree. I will only be able to observe for around 200 degrees on the horizon-ish so it may take the shape of a capital D. will know for sure when I have de-laureled
  14. I used to use when working outside heated insoles, heated waistcoat and heated glove inners. all the bits that freeze are covered. I will have to get some new ones if spending a long time out, which I haven't as yet due too......
  15. well I decided on a spot, behind the garage. there is a small laurel, some sort of climber thing, numerous small bush things and 3 25 foot conifers. there are no longer any conifers : ) there is a bit of a slope so will require levelling and removal off those darned roots
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