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  1. On my 12" LightBridge. We had a lot of trouble proving one was better than the other. We are trying to get to darker skies and do the same comparison. It's hard to try and get the one eyepiece in existence scheduled for viewing. Someone I know has been evaluating for an article on his website. Joe
  2. I've spent two nights (one with the prototype and one with the 1st production eyepiece) comparing a 13 Ethos with the new Explore Scientific 14mm 100 degree eyepiece and we were all pretty impressed. The 13 is a great eyepiece but the Explore 14 is just as amazing. I'm not sure when it will be available in Europe, I've asked the company but they're not sure. It will be out in the US in about a week. I love Naglers but keep your eye out for this one. And it costs a lot less. You can check out their info at Explore Scientific - Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, and Microscopes to Keep Exploring! Clear Skies, Joe
  3. That looks pretty nifty. I've added the Farpoint weights and a modified ankle weight on a velcro strip to adjust (see photo) With the 20 Nagler T2 I still need a little more weight - I may have to go to the Farpoint additional weights, that should do it. I'm also considering the new Explore Scientific 100 degree 14mm eyepiece which weighs in at 2 lbs. For sure will need more. Joe
  4. Thanks All for the welcome, I'm glad to be part of this. I'm getting a chance tomorrow night to use the New Explore Scientific 100° FOV 14mm Eyepiece. Anyone heard of it? It's creating quite a stir over here. I got to use a prototype about a month ago and was blown away. I'll let you know how the first production unit is. Joe
  5. Where on the east coast? I'm from NYC originally. Joe
  6. Olly, Yes Mt Wilson is tricky though, you have to book it so far in advance it's never a guarantee with weather. Here's info if you want to check it out: http://www.mtwilson.edu/60-inch/60inVisitorPackage.pdf There's another place we go to a lot with much darker skies - Mt Pinos, about an hour out of Los Angeles. A large parking lot at the top of the mountain, great on a clear night. One of my favorites is still Joshua Tree, where you can camp out. About 1 1/2 hrs from Los Angeles. And yes same place as the U2 album. A special place. Clear Skies, Joe
  7. Thanks for the welcome. Joe
  8. Thanks also for the warm welcome and let me know if you need any help or assistance once you get your Lightbridge. Also, I haven't seen any talk about Explore Scientific. I'm not sure if they are even distributing over there yet. It's a new company here that sells scopes and are just releasing a new eyepiece that I got to use a few weeks back. It was a prototype. 100 degree fov and 14mm. It was pretty amazing. Heard of it? Joe
  9. Thank you, it's a great site.
  10. Good luck on the new dob. BTW the guys at Farpoint are truly great. My scope had a newer version of collimation screws which were a different size than what they were selling as an upgrade. I called them to discuss it and they ended up sending me their tool dye to re bore my screw holes to be able to use the upgrade (at no charge). Which I actually never had to do, because once we found out that Meade changed the specs and are making different sized bolts - you guessed it, Farpoint is making me a set the right size and it will become one of their products. All that and they make quality stuff. Can't say enough about them. James and Cary are the guys there. Clear Skies, Joe
  11. Mick, Very nice scope. What did you use on your trusses? Joe
  12. Hi Warthog, I've changed all collimation screws to knobs, changed collimation springs to much heavier ones from Farpoint Astronomical, ones that hold collimation. To get the best contrast possible, I blacked out around all interior surfaces where they were white and added an Astrozap shroud and light shield. I added Farpoint counterweights, and the one I'm most proud of: I covered the trusses with black heat shrink tubing which feels like a hard rubber coating, very nice. I added a handle to guide the scope easier and turned the focuser 45 degrees which is more natural to most viewing positions. I added a a Telrad but have since been using a green laser mounted which I'm finding to be a much better setup with this scope. I'll be adding some cork to the area where the trusses attach to keep them from shifting after collimation (something I just read about on another forum). I'm using a Hotec laser to collimate these days and have found that with this size truss dob a good collimation is real important. I'm planning more in the future, I just got this scope in December. Do you have a Lightbridge? cheers, Joe
  13. Hi everyone, I live outside of Los Angeles (far enough for darker skies) and liked your Stargazers Lounge enough to join. Hope you don't mind a an Italian yank on board. Look forward to participating. I use a very modified 12" Meade Lightbridge and am partial to observing deep sky objects and nebulas. Until later, Joe Napolitano
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