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  1. I got the the Anti Vibration Pads through today from Rich In Sussex (Many Thanks Rich if you read this) The previous vibrations before this were around 3.5 - 5 seconds with an average of 4 seconds. With The PADs on and tighting up the legs still further... the vibrations reduced to 2.5 - 3 Seconds Even giving the legs a good kick it only vibrated for 3 seconds. (an improvement of 1-2 seconds) So all in all thanks to your help I reduced the vibration from 10 to as low as 2.5 seconds Nice One Clear Skies and please...please please post any further ideas to improve the mount Jase :sunny:
  2. I need to get a better quality eye piece for planetary and lunar work - what do you suggest. Jase
  3. :sunny: Nice One Gordon, I liked the wooden tripod...V impressive Jase
  4. :shock: Hi all I'm hopefully recieving some 2nd hand antivibration pads by Friday from a guy called Richard. (starcase website). I'll report back as to their effectivness. Jase
  5. Hi Gordon, I've been using a Giro 2 Mount with a full height pillar and what I think is an eq5 mount, I found that my 152 TS refractor needed extra stability with a focal length of 1200mm it vibrated plenty. by filling the legs with sand and using a sandbag in the pillar I've reduced the vibration..I also needed to remove the spike on the eq 5 mount as it was a mm or two to high for the Giro 2 mount. Balance is critical to getting good performance but under load the mount moves well with less vibration Hope this helps Jase
  6. I just got a very swift email back from Williams Optics who say that the prism diagonal has a reflectivity of about 90% Has anyone any experience of one of these I understand that the contrast is higher but there may be slight CA issues. JAse :shock:
  7. :moon: Hi, I'm considering buying a 2" Williams 90 Deg Errecting Prism Diagonal... has anyone got any information about the % of light transmitted through it....I have a meade 2" UHTC Diagonal and would like the the benefit of no left right reversals.....has anyone got any thoughts....or....experience of this diagonal Jase
  8. Hi Steve, I think the tripod is an old EQ5 one with 1.5" Steel tubular legs, Hi Gordon, I repainted the mount and the extra paint width in the bracket that accept the tripod leg onto the main mount is helping with rigidity....I'll try and tighten up the legs a bit more now I know that this might help. The mount is a Giro 2 Mount and it seems very rigid and well made.....I wonder if it is better to have the counter weights closer to the mount or further away????? The only observation I've noticed is the further the weights are from the centre the easier and smoother the mount is to move.....
  9. Well I tried out the scope with a 9.7mm eyepiece and the vibrations dampened down to between 3.5 - 5.5 seconds, typically 4 seconds. This is as compared to 8-10 seonds. Even kicking the mount only gave a 4.5 second vibration. The modifications were:- 1) Removing the little spike on the pillar which was about 1.5mm too tall for the Giro 2 mount 2) Filling the legs with sand. 3) Filling and sealing the top inch or so of the tripod legs with expanding foam 4) Adding a sand bag to 3/4 fill the pillar 5) Locking the legs into position permanently. The sand completely stopped the ringing....My guess
  10. Thanks for the CVs!!!!!!!! I'm just a humble teacher with 20 years of sound engineering ...mainly spent damping unwanted acoustic reveberations in rooms but as my tripod lacks a graphic equalizer I filled it full of sand almost to the top and sealed it with expanding foam that exploded all over the tripod......after I've finished sanding it off and repainting the tripod I'll reassemble it. PS I Also filled a bag full of and and put it in the column to see what that does. I'll report later as to what happened.....in the mean time.....keep the suggestions rolling in...the 2nd coat of paint goe
  11. HAs anyone had any good results with the antivibration pads made by Orion USA or the celestron ones Jase
  12. Thanks for the advice, I might try sand...a Mate mentioned that rapping the leg and listening the ring might give an idea of how vibrations are dampened, although these are ringing at 1000 hz plus so I don't know how relevant the sound is as the frequency I'm damping is probably much less than 20hz any ideas???? Jase
  13. Hi all.. I've got a decent tripod and a giro 2 mount...with a long refractor which vibrates quite a bit .....8..10 seconds at worst. What's the best thing to fill tripod legs with I can get lead shot...or...I;ve had sand suggested as another posibility What do you think????? Jase
  14. :shock: Hi all, I'm comming from the Midlands to Keilder leaving at 3pm on the Friday As its my 1st time up at Kielder I'm worried about my car lights causing a problem as I arrive at about 8pm. I've got a 3 second temporary to use on the night, so I shouldn't need more than a red light. How strict are they at kielder about lights? Jase PS if there is anyone else comming from the midlands leave a message
  15. Hi all Just a quick message to introduce myself... I'm from Dudley in the Midlands and no I don't know Lenny Henry, Jasper Carrot or Frank Skinner although doing astronomy round here for about 10 years you NEED a sense of humour. I own an FS 152 6" F8 Refractor with a Giro 2 Mount....And as usual I am upgrading it with the usual suspects. All the best....Clear Skies Jase
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