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  1. The AZ4 has a panhandle. With practice, and with fhe clutches set just so, tracking becomes painless. Took me a little getting used to, and I don't miss the slow motion controls. But of course this is only my subjective view. Best advice is see if you can have a try of one. Only then will you truly know if it suits you or not.
  2. Moonshane, out of interest, which scope is your F11 dob? I realise I'm branching away from the OP but based on your points it's one I'd like to try one day
  3. Quite possibly. But the scope in question is an F8...
  4. This is true. But back to the original question, in terms of light gathering once you've factored in the central obstruction on the dob there's hardly any difference. Similarly, there's hardly anything in it F wise - 7.5 vs 8. The ED will give sharper views with more contrast. I used to have a 150 newt and found there was little appreciable difference between that and my 100ED. Based on that I'm sure your 120 would outclass a 150 newt quite easily.
  5. +1 for Backyard Astronomer, covers all manner of topics to help get started. TLAO is nicely done too.
  6. I believe it was the F8. Sat nicely on my AVX. Can understand it's not everyone's cuppa but still great fun!
  7. I'm going to go off the path a touch here...if you've £2k to play with why not consider a 6" Istar anastigmat refractor? I've been fortunate enough to view Jupiter through one courtesy of John at Peak2Valley, a mesmerising sight. The detail and contrast blew might 100ED out of the water. Plus you'd have change for a HEQ5 or AVX (it was mounted on a VX when I used it).
  8. The sun through a beast of a scope at Stefanik Obs, Prague. M42 through a 20" Obsession - wow!
  9. Love mine. Crisp, contrasty images, virtually no CA. Not too heavy either.
  10. I had the Omni 102 for a while on the CG4. Was okay as long as properly balanced. From experience of this I'd think the 120 would be pushing it load-wise. Bear in mind the CG4 isn't driven and motors etc. cost over £100 new. The scope itself was nice but showed a fair bit of chromatic aberration on the moon and jupiter. Focuser is ok. Kept me happy for a while. Am going to go against the grain and say I was disappointed with my Skymax 127 and offloaded it - nice, compact, well built but looking in contrast and sharpness compared with a refractor. But that's merely my subjective view.
  11. The Astronomik CLS filter is good, but do check whether you can use it with your lenses...I'm certain I read somewhere (perhaps in the instructions!) that you couldn't use certain type fittings, but it's all so long ago...
  12. I had a Celestron C6N (150mm) riding on my CG5 for a couple of years, accompanied by DSLR and CCD/finder guidescope, tracked fine for the 5 minute subs I did back then. I recall Celestron selling the CG5 along with the C8N (200mm) but having not used one I can't offer an opinion as to its worth. A 150mm gives more aperture than a 130mm and is F5, nice and fast. Just a thought or two to chuck into the discussion!
  13. TLAO and the Backyard Astronomer are great books for a beginner and still enjoyable many years later.
  14. I've been using the finderscope method for months now with my ED100 and QHY. Not once had an issue, albeit generally with 5-10 minute subs only. Earl, out of curiosity, in what ways do you find the ST80 way more reliable? It may be I need to consider options too!
  15. You may find you rarely (if ever) use some of the included eyepieces and filters, making the unit cost of those that you do use quite expensive for what they are. That said, it does give you a easy way to work out which focal lengths you do need. Once you know what you need, save up for some decent quality eyepieces and recoup some of your money by selling the kit.
  16. Worry not, found the answer myself... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gpIteLt3xcw Hope this is of use to others.
  17. Hi all, Current setup: scope in garden, laptop in shed. Me running backwards and forth tweaking focus on the scope and checking image on laptop. Legs weary, patience stretched. Can anyone recommend a good motor focuser that I can use with my SkyWatcher black diamond ED100? Ideally i want to be able to tweak the focus from the comfort and warmth of the shed, preferably using the laptop. Distance between laptop and shed is approx 5m. Thanks in advance, Orley
  18. Perhaps it was streaming I was thinking of. Got me interested in finding out. I'll have to go and play
  19. Sorry, forgot to add camera is picam. The picam python module allows quite a bit of experimenting with different exposure settings. Can capture a movie too
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