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  1. Well bought an eye peice and really pleased with it. http://t.co/ktICH0Xz6l That was with a 10mm and find it hard to find, point at, get in sight, Mars, Saturn etc as they are microscopic compared to a bright moon. I'll read other posts that may have the answer. All this cloud is no fun!
  2. Hope the images helped and if someone can post few links to items I could buy I'll then give one a go. I just want something to try it for now - Like having a car with no wheels at the minute.
  3. Thanks for the welcome and help guys Hope these images help https://www.dropbox.com/sc/77rd4anfh6abcr5/XzmtEw7XmA
  4. I have always been interested in the stars, planets and anythying outside of the earths grip. I have over the past few months looking to the skies (thanks to an APP on my iPhone) for the ISS and always think what if I had a decent telescope. Again the moon would look amazing, and even planets I've not looked at. Recently bought a Bresser Skylux NG 70-700 refractor telescope but it had the eye piece lens tube thing missing and so rendered usless. First of all any help welcomed in to what I need to buy and where can I get one and secondly once up and running I'm sure a good read of past posts wi
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