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  1. As well as the binoviewer, will need to duplicate all my eyepieces. Worth the expense?
  2. I've only been into this properly since the nights have been getting longer and learning to control the scope has taken me some time. Albireo is a stunner - beautiful rich colours. Having said that, one night last week I couldn't make out the colours at all - pretty sure I was looking in the right place as aligned the scope three times and it went to the same place each time after GoToing to Albireo. The separation and alignment in the EP was as I remembered from previous viewing - but definitely no colours
  3. I haven't had too much trouble with tracking a single object - it's not absolutely spot on but it does keep objects in the FOV for quite a while, though haven't timed it and I haven't hopped from one object to another and back. I make sure that I select Solar Tracking rate after I focus on eg Jupiter or whatever. I've also got into the habit of levelling the tripod as accurately as possible before each session (with a proper spirit level - chucked out the tiny little jobby that came with the scope); levelling each leg one by one, reversing the spirit level every time until all three legs are spot on. Haven't been able to explore the GoTo capabilities yet, as I'm still on internal batteries (still waiting for the cable to connect the Tracer powerpack), and as discussed here and elsewhere, the GoTo suffers unless there is adequate power. I'm just using the scope until the batteries wheeze their final last breath and I hook 'em out and go to bed. What I could buy with the money spent on AA's .... Another problem I have is that the sky window isn't great - trees, fences and surrounding houses plus light pollution. Ah well... But - saw Saturn for the very first time last night. I'm hooked! Thanks Baggywrinkle for the EP recommendation - I've been looking at those too
  4. Thanks everyone - all useful tips. Discovered the battery issue on night one - a quick Google revealed the problem. Of course tried to do everything on day one (sky align then slew to planet x then slew to planet y then slew here and there and search for ...) and the result was utter disappointment. Took several steps back and decided to do things manually until everything else works. Then was wowed by the view of Jupiter and her moons.... now I'm hooked! Am constantly looking outside to see if the sky is clear instead of rotting in front of the telly .. Have now got a Tracer powerpack, but can't find a supplier who has the relevant cable in stock (anyone know who can supply this at short notice?). Desperate as costing a fortune in batteries. As an aside regarding the handset display - having changed batteries about 6 times since getting the scope, and having what I think is a dim handset display every time, after a further battery change the handset display was great. But then I got the Bootloader 'Invalid Package 0002' message which meant I needed to reflash the handset. Luckily I had an old laptop with a serial port, since getting the main PC with a USB to Serial port cable to work is not an easy process. BTW the display is back to its old dimness ... So at the moment am just using the scope to go directly to objects in the sky and not bothering with the GoTo (which I gather is not perfect but will use as a guide). Finally - had another beautiful view of Jupiter a couple of days ago before the rains came ...
  5. Yes - the handset has contrast and bold controls. But for me changing them doesn't make it easy to read as the brightness and contrast don't (for me) go far enough to make the LCD display legible ....and the remote crashed the day before yesterday and had to be re-flashed
  6. Well - had a very generous birthday present a couple of weeks ago (after some hinting and a bit of Googling ...) Now have a very pretty Celestron SE6 - and have been wowed with what I've been able to see when pointing directly at sky objects (i.e. Jupiter at the moment). The GoTo mount and handset aren't fantastically user friendly (can't actually read the Nexremote display in the dark), What do forumers reckon to the Celestron Starsense Accessory? And what should be on the shopping list for accessories to compliment this system (EP's etc)
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