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  1. Hi as others have stated, I use a Dell venue pro 8 windows 8.1 great and faster than my old laptop. Sharpcap and stellarium work well.
  2. Hi, I have just modified a ps3 camera which is essentially a Web cam. I have installed Sharpcap and it pick up the camera feed. Windows 8.1 tablet.
  3. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22392007/connect-android-phone-to-a-usb-web-camera
  4. Hi, the trouble will be drivers for the Web cam. Android is not windows as you know. There are a few methods but not particularly easy or user friendly. I use a windows tablet.
  5. Hello all, been a browser for a few years but now have a scope. Just reading as much as I can handle to prepare me before I start observing.
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