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  1. Nebulosity works perfectly on a Mac with the DSI, i think you can get old versions of it free, otherwise you have to pay for a license, but seriously its WAY better than the nonsense you get from Meade. My most successful images have come from using Nebulosity, and if you follow the tutorials on processing (on the stark-labs website) really do show the power of the app.
  2. It winds me up when things like this happen. I know the writers strike caused many problems, but is heroes really any better than Lost? Both went a bit downhill after the strike. And we know Lost totally lost the plot anyway. I actually thought this last season was better than some of the previous ones, not a patch on the first but i was enjoying it. Lets all pray they don't resurrect Defying Gravity to fill the programming slot, because that was shocking. My only comment on that is this: Anti Gravity Hair gel.
  3. Thanks for the positive comments chaps... Ant, the subs were 30 seconds. Hopefully i can add a few more tonight if the weather co-operates... I think what's most exciting about this image is in doing it i know the penny dropped, i got the result i wanted and i know that over time this image will become better and better as i add more subs to the stack. Also worked out a really useful way of finding the object quickly. As we all know goto/synscan seems to generally get the scope in the neck of the woods for visual, but for imaging its a pain when the object isn't in the field of view. 1, Align
  4. So last night was a very fruitful evening. Following a setup in daytime to then look through the Polar Scope in the dark and see Polaris sitting in the little spot (it was totally centred, couldn't believe it). Set up to image M51, so here's the details so far. 47 Lights, 20 Darks (Bias and Flats to come...). Unguided on a Skywatcher EQ5 Goto, with a Skywatcher Explorer 130PM. Using a (£100 off ebay) Meade DSI-1 Colour. Captured using Nebulosity on my Mac - seriously, way easier than trying to use Envisage again. Using DarkAdaptedX to control my laptops screen and make it go all red. Stac
  5. A quick update on the situation. Solved (big fat full stop.) Managed to get out last night from about 9pm - 1am mount worked perfectly for the entire time, i even got so confident as to plug the mount into the Macbook and control it with Stellarium. I even stole a couple of Avis of Mars, took a bunch of images of M66 and had a crack at M82 (i was also going to get M81 after that but clouds stopped play). I think we can successfully say this case is now closed!
  6. Hi, I'm part of the Nene Valley Astronomy Society and we often have observing sessions at Sywell country park, we also have a meeting coming up this coming Monday 19th April at Chelveston Village Hall why not come along as i am sure other members will have suggestions about good locations (I'm based in Raunds btw). Matt
  7. Mount is now still running after an hour and a half, I think we got this issue solved, now if only this misty cloud will clear so I can do some imaging and really test it fully. Such a relief, and slightly annoying that it was as simple as replacing the power supply! Thanks so much to all that helped me resolve the problem
  8. Peter, eureka, almost, i picked up the power supply (arrived today) and am just performing a test, voltage is holding steady at 12v (no fluctuation whatsoever) am tracking m42 right now (make believe indoors) and motors are definitely working - i can hear them - lets hope its still working after half an hour, if it makes it to an hour i am pretty sure i'm back in business. Thanks for all the assistance guys, hopefully I'll update later with success, and in a day or two (weather permitting) with some images!
  9. Peter, thanks for the link, i think once i've tested the mount with a friends power supply i might well end up getting that unit - providing i can confirm its a power issue. Olly, i agree the cigarette lighter connections can't be the best/most reliable option, and i am a bit stumped as to why the mounts come with those as opposed to a normal mains plug - perhaps they expect us to all be powering our mounts from the car, or with one of the Powertanks - surely thats the alternative to mains supply. During my session on Saturday checking out whether the new firmware made a difference i did check
  10. A quick update, I've now tested the mount with the new software version, and its still stopping as before, am hopefully testing with alternate power supply during this week. On another note, i followed Red Dwalfs notes on setting up the mount to work with Stellarium, which worked perfectly, and was very easy to get working, however it still suffered from the same issue of the drives dropping out after about half an hour, then almost religiously after 5-10 minutes. Can anyone point me to a web link to see alternative power adaptors for the mount? Both cigarette lighter connection to mount cont
  11. OK i might be being thick, but i am strugging to work out when asked by my Synscan handset, when is Daylight Saving Yes or No, are we moving into the period that is YES, or No? Thanks and apologise for my stupidity. Its just i can find out a lot about BST/Daylight Saving but rarely does as site say yes or no. Thanks again chaps and chapesses.
  12. I was wondering, now I've got an EQ5 (yes its not working properly yet but that all in another thread..) with the old polar scope inside the mount is there a version of the PolarFinder software (where it shows you the position of polaris in the reticule) available for the Mac. Or perhaps even an iPhone version... An iPhone version would be so lovely...
  13. A short update on where i am with this issue. I've just updated the handset firmware to the very latest version (3.27) so crossing my fingers on that front. Secondly i found on the handset i could display the voltage coming through, now this was fluctuating, from around 10.8/11.3 volts, right up to as much as 12/13, will do a proper check later on tonight and write the numbers out better. But i was surprised that it fluctuated as much as it did. I am going to ask a friend also if i can try their power supply, lead and main adaptor and see if i can isolate whether its either of these cables.
  14. OK, lots of responses. Firstly i don't think its the power as the handset is on permanently when the drives stop, the display is functioning so i don't think its a power issue. With regards to the firmware for the handset, its not the latest but i did check out the fixes the software update provides and none of them appear to relate to tracking, simply object database updates as far as i could see. If i remember right its one version down from the latest. Balancing, yes i have got it reasonably balanced on the RA axis, i have to have the counterweight right up the end of the bar, close to whe
  15. Carl, i don't think i have any slew limits set and i have performed a factory reset on the handset already, but might well try that again this afternoon, and also look to see if there are any limits set. Ken, I am powering it with a mains supply, i have a cable that goes from the mount (the clip on unit) to a cigarette lighter end and then i have a little transformer that has a cigarette lighter end on it (male coming from the scope lead, female on the power unit itself). I am based in Northants. I contacted green witch and Lee is going to give OVL a call to see if they can at least diagnose t
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