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  1. Nice one Chris. Nice build job and equally nice first light report. Well done I have long been thinking of a takedown truss job on similar lines, light enough to backpack into the hills with but capable enough to be worth the extra weight in the rucksack. Seeing the cassini division from a lakeland fell would certainly give me a buzz. I have used my little frac. for this but apature fever can strike in the hills too. Steve
  2. Ordered the Baader ortho 18mm and the QT 2.25 barlow for now. Still pondering the Maxvision or the Xcell in 25mm. Regards Steve
  3. Thanks Starfox The thing abot the Mv's is they would be an easy matching choice. YKSE's proposal looks interesting as stated above, may take more time but has optical merit. Steve
  4. Thanks YKSE for such a detailed post. Lots of stuff to research there. Saw 3 BST's on AB&S last weekend and they did not last the day. I will look at the others too as 68 degree FOV in the 400mm scope would look great. I gather comparing 2 ep's of the same FL the wider FOV one give a wider view at the same mag? The more I re-read your post the more it makes sense to choose tailored ep's for each ep fl. many thanks for your considered reply. Regards Steve
  5. Thanks ronin I see your point. Cant wait to see some decent ep's in either of my scopes. The 25mm in the Travelscope will be nice too.
  6. I am looking to upgrade my standard Ep's and am thinking Xcel or bst's. The question is how much mag. is practical under our typical seeing conditions? Thinking 3 ep's soon so 25mm 20mm and 8mm are my initial thoughts. 8mm=112 mag. @ 900mm Fl. Ps. I have a 2x barlow that came with the Evostar. Regards Steve
  7. Try these I have use them myself on yacht refits. http://www.furneauxriddall.com/acatalog/12V_Sockets.html Regards Steve
  8. I have the same mount on the Evostar 90. As a beginner I found it strange at first, now its second nature. one thing that got me first time out was after balancing and polar aligning and then loosening both clutches to swivel to an object finding the clutch knobs was then a fiddle in the dark. Work through this in daylight http://www.tejraj.com/GENERAL_EQ1and2.pdf and then have a go in the dark. If I am correct you may not be swivelling to an object by loosening both clutches first. Stick with it once sorted you just use the RA hand wheel to track an object. Regards Steve
  9. Get comfy look up and find the darkest part of the sky for where you are, have fun learning the constellations and some of the main stars they contain. Try and find the naked eye double in the great bear (ursa major) once you get familiar. Above all have fun comparing the maps with the sky. Best of luck
  10. With a refractor the cool down time maybe less of a factor than the ground around you radiating heat. A grassy area wold be better than say a paved area. No doubt someone more experienced than I could comment on this train of thought.
  11. Hi Oz. I don't have one myself as mine is a strictly old school GEM but this looks useful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh5kipL1mPA Hope that gets you sorted with that nice mount.
  12. Nice shots. What camera did you use? and I presume did you you zoom a bit during the edit.
  13. The Evostar is a good scope esp. at used prices. The CA can be controlled by using the lens cap/mask with the smaller hole. This works great on the Moon and sometomes the brighter planets. Some combinations of the origional EP's and the barlow show more CA so experiment with combinations to get the best out of the scope. Would be interested to hear what you think of it after you get decent seeing. Regards Steve
  14. I must get to do the pimp mods on the evostar 90 the main issue I had was the said screws coming loose. I too thought it would be ok tonight. Went out at dusk and polar aligned the EQ2 then the clouds came in I waited for acouple of hours and then put the ota away, the mount is still out ever hopefull. Wanted to use the d90 on the novaflex to get a reference pic of the moon to compare it to the nikon 300mm moon pics I have. If the novaflex warrants it i will make a new tube and find a focusser for it but I suspect the cost may be too close overall to another 400mm scope. Regards Steve
  15. Interesting stuff indeed. I have a Novaflex 400mm that I use as a scope I would love to compare it to the ST 80 with regards to image quality so more images from the st 80 would be useful. On the st80 focusser there are 2 tiny grub screws that tend to work loose, on my Evolution 90 a little thread-lock and a re adjust should kill most of the slop. Just dont use too much just a tiny bit will let you still turn the screws later if needed. Regards Steve
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