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  1. Thanks for the quick replies... Well, me and my brother are going to share our money into a bigger scope instead of getting two smaller. So we are interested in the Sky watcher 300pds with a EQ6 pro mount. I have been in contact with swedish Teleskop Service earlier, but they dont have that scope on their website... When I started saving 2 years ago the easily cheapest option was FLO and they did ship to Sweden when I asked, but not anymore it seems. I have a slight slight possibility to get my dad to pick up from Telescope Service in Germany... But that is a long shot: he is a trucker and always short on time and he might get route changes at last minute. After googling around, I found that danish retailer. Lyra.dk. Anyone bought from them? Good and reliable? TheThing: Actually... My wife is going to a yogafestival in London last weekend in oktober. Maybe maybe she would be kind enough to pick up it up for me. But at second thought, its heavy so it would probably mean overweight and too expensive in the end. I will check out Astrosweden!
  2. Hi! I have been saving up cash for a loooong time and now the time is here to finally get a telescope. My binos are getting worn out! My problem is when I started saving I checked out my options. The best option then seemed to order from Uk and that was possible. Problem now is that 2 years later when I got the cash, they no longer ship to Sweden. So... I want a Skywatcher telescope. Non of the few swedish shops seem to have the telescope I want. I heard there are good retailers in Denmark and Germany that ships to Sweden, but I havent found any myself. I am also thinking that is after all a lot of cash... How does it work if it breaks during shipping from another country? Or any other problems while the warranty is valid? Is it harder to get help when you bought from another country? If so, maybe I should reconsider to another telescope. Any advice is welcome!
  3. hey all and thanks! it was really great seeing it, but i wasnt sure it could actually be m31. i am not waiting for clear skies again so i can check back on the "smudge". :]
  4. Ok, I am not sure at all, but I _think_ I saw M31 yesterday with my 10x50 bins. I was peeking at Jupiter (just a very bright spot) and I decided to try to see M31 since I had read it was possible to see with the naked eye. So... It should give a slightly better view with bins. So I checked Stellarium for the whereabouts and out in the dark I found some stars that seemed to match those in Stellarium... I spent an hour looking at stars and stuff, not really seeing M31. I decided to end for the night and suddenly I found a "smudge", a "blur". It seemed to be in the area M31 should be in... But it was just a blurry spot... More round then the galaxy shape of Andromeda I am used to in pics... The blurry spot was just there... Not at other places. So... You think it could acually be M31 or just whatever? I am still feeling like a newbie and I usually feel like I dont know what anything is for sure except the moon.
  5. ok thank you everyone for the info! when i started the thread, i had been peeking on some shops on the net and i didnt really see any sky watcher in the size that i was interested in (except you at rymdbutiken , now it seems though that there really is a lot of possibilities to get great scope in the end! thank you everyone for all the help, much appreciated!
  6. when i am off somewhere to stargaze, i usually dont listen to music.... but when i sit on the porch, my cdplayer is loaded with björn afzelius, edith piaff and johnny cash. havent been bothered to change for almost a year now :]
  7. i have actually checked out go foto on the net earlier on... but i have, for some reason, snowed in on sky watcher. i thought it would be much more expensive to buy a scope from the uk, but i checked on a money converesion site and, right now, it would not differ much... shipping included.
  8. heya and thanks for the quick replies! telescop-express/service does sadly enough not ship to sweden... i will check opticstar when i get home. but anyone know how it works with warrenty and stuff if i purchase a scope from another EC country, like uk? it is after all a lot of money involved. :]
  9. heya not sure this is the right place, but i couldnt post in the retailers section.... anyway.... i have saved up a big bucket of cash and so i am planning to invest in a scope. question though is if anyone knows any retailers in sweden, on- or offline, that sell telescopes? preferably sky watcher, i think. i found rymdbutiken.se, but it seems kind of dead since they dont reply to several emails i have sent them. otherwise.... are there any net retailers that send to sweden? if so, which ones are good? is it even advisable to send a telescope through mail? lastly, and off topic, you think a nikon d40x would work for taking amateurish images through the scope? thank you in advance, zork
  10. Heya! So I decided to subscribe to the vodcats over at Sky at Night magazine. This problem really is minor in its nature, but still highly annoying. Sure, I could easily choose to just see the vodcasts over at their homepage... Anyway! I wanted to start a subscription to the vodcasts. There was a milion different options I could choose from, but nothing that ends in .rss. Problem is that I use Banshee in Linux and that program (crappily enough) only accepts vodcaststuff that ends in .rss. So question is... Anyone here who is any good with computers and know if there is such a link and, if so, what it could be? The link to the vodcast homepage is Sky at Night Magazine - the world's first astronomy magazine and cd package Thanks! /Zork
  11. since the subject is here... is is possible to use a nikon d40x for astroimaging? my wife got one and i want to use that one for taking pics when i get a telescope.
  12. So... This tuesday Framtidsmuseet in Borlänge took out their telescope to the woods and I went there... I was poorly dressed so I felt like I was freezing my toes off all the time, but I remained for an hour. The moon was about half full and they used a 8" Meade of some sort with a goto. oh right, it was a bit cloudy on and off too. I got to see Jupiter and 4 moons - wow! ... the moon - a bit bright for my eye, but also a big wow factor ... M31 - the though of it being so far away is mindboggeling, but it really didnt look much more then a smudge. ... the ring nebulosa. it was really cool, but very tiny ... some double stars I dont remember, a blue and a red one. ... some cluster I dont remember either. but this was probably the best of the whole evening! There was a lot of people who wanted to peek so it took some time before they switched, but I am happy with what I got to see! Since I am trying to decide what kind of telescope to get for myself (leaning towards a dob), I think that this evening changed my view a little bit. Mostly, what I think about is how much "bigger" do a thing like M31 or ring nebula get in a 10" or 12"? Much, not much? If its not much really, I guess 8" works well enough for me and my son. Earlier we were thinking about a 10" Skywatcher.
  13. heya all, thanks for the info... since i have never been peeking through a scope yet, just my bins, i dont know how much electronics a dob comes with. i am not aiming for a dob with goto though. well, it gives me some to think about... the worst of this winter will be over by time i get a dob anyway. i just want to be prepared.
  14. So... I have been checking out the sky for a while with my bins and the time is coming for getting a telescope. I am kind of leaning towards a bigger sized dob, but I am unsure if I should put that kind of money on a telescope since most my stargazing nights will be pretty cold. Summers... Well... In summers the sun will start to go down around 10pm and it will rise about 4:30-5 am. Winters will, of course, be dark. But cold. Around december-februari can it be as cold as -20-30 celcius where I live. So my question is.... Can it be too cold outside for a telescope? It can be too cold for me, sure, but for a telescope?
  15. heya! sorry for the late reply... anyway, yeah an adapter like that. i did check out adapters in various shops, but none worked with my bins. so... just 2 days after this post, i got a new mail from nikon saying that they had found a "left over" and are sending it to me without postage costs, just the cost for the adapters. nice also, i was checking the skies yesterday with my bins and it was lovely. i also saw something that i dont know what it was, a bright small dot that moved fast across the sky. couldnt see it with the naked eye. no clue what it was, but it was a wow feeling of a sorts.
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