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  1. Thanks for your concern. So I guess my next question is; can anyone tell me how to collimate my scope?
  2. Cheers for the support guys. Quite incredibly I managed to disassemble and then reassemble the whole thing in the end without too much damage I think. I tried it very quickly outside and it focuses once again (I was able to see some leaves on a tree in great detail about 100 yards away at least). I'm sure it's all a bit out of alighment or something but it doesn't seem to be broken beyond repair or anything, amazingly.
  3. Total disaster! What I'm about to tell you will seem so mind bogglingly stupid, but I have to confess in order to get help. Nothing suggested worked so far. I took it out in the day and again the focuser didn't seem to be working. I then, in an act of total madness, took the telescope inside and, with the cover on (like that was going to save me from myself) I set the telescope on a table front end down. I then, without a clue of what I was doing, proceeded to undo all the little hex bolts on the other end in the hope of uncovering the focus mechanism so I could take a look at it. Well, as I'm
  4. Cheers for the responses. I had a dew filter on at the time and I think you would still sees me change in the image even through a bit of dew so I'm not sure it was that. I certainly turned my focus knob every which way and saw no change. It was odd the way it just seemed to happen while swapping lenses and that threw me for a while but once I put the 25 back on and couldn't get it to focus I was pretty sure that was the problem. I loosened and then retightened the tiny hex bolts on the focuser just to make sure it wasn't spining without turning, if you know what I mean. I don't think I know e
  5. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place. I was out looking at the moon this evening with my Skywatcher 127 Mak, all was going well then I chemged from my 25 to my 8 eyepiece and the moon went blury. I tried to focus the scope but nothing seemed to change. In the end I put the 25 back on and that too was now blury. In short somthing seems to have happened to the focus and the focus knob (which is defiantly turning the brass bar inside it) doesn't seem to be working. What can I do?
  6. Thank you for your answers. It looks a nice to have and might have to wait till I have a few more EP's. Cheers
  7. Hi, like most people new to astronomy the more I read and do the more i think i need. I've been wondering if I should replace the diagonal I got with my 127 mak with maybe a dielectric one?? Is this sensible/necessary/a good idea? If so what would people suggest I get for say 50/60 quid ??
  8. Yep that makes sense. Still it's not all that long. Do you know if you are able to attach one to the focuser ?
  9. Hi, we have had a few clear evenings here at last and it's been great looking at the moon and Jupiter (haven't attempted anything more exotic yet). However, I've found a few things on my scope (127 mak) a bit annoying and I'm hoping someone can help. First the finder; it's not the best, seems flimsy but worst of all you almost have to kneel when the scope is in certain positions to look through it. Is there a decent replacement, maybe a right angle one, for less that say £50? Second, and forgive my ignorance I'm sure they gave a proper name, but the handles that connect to the scope for alter
  10. Thanks for that reply. I knew the first part, learnt something in the middle and was lost by the end, but every little helps! I think you're saying that with a wider field of view you can afford to up the magnification because you're looking g at a bigger canvas so to speak? I've just ordered a 12mm EP so that will be good for maxish magnification but what sort of EP is good for different things? I've got my head around working out the magnification and the upper and lower limits of what's practice for any one scope, but what I don't understand is whet you would use a 15mm as opposed to an 18,
  11. Ok, help me out, what does that mean in plain english.
  12. I've tried it on the moon and I thought it was ok but I have absolutely nothing to compare it to (well apart from the 10mm). They both seemed to do a job but I don't know any better. As I mentioned I then bought a 8mm Vixen and probably expected too much. But I have only used it once and may not have let things cool down etc. I've just ordered a 12mm am thinking about maybe an 18 and possibly a barlow. But still do t really know exactly why lol
  13. Ok depending how much is left in the bank on Monday I think I'm going to go for a 12mm bst to get the ball rolling. Any sugestions what I should get after that mm wise (or brand wise)?
  14. Is there much between the BST, Celestron Xcel LX and the Vixen NPL eyepieces? They are all within about £15 of each other. What would you go for ?
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