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  1. Greetings from a fellow P'boro resident.
  2. If you keep it in a conservatory Just make sure it is fully covered cos some of the exposed parts on my scope have got sun bleached
  3. I gave my 250 dob another crack at fine tuning the collimation tonight. A few things still puzzle me. No matter what I do with the secondary mirror, I can not get any clips in view without the primary being seriously off- centre. The primary is clearly bigger than my FOV through the cheshire. The scope has a dual speed Crayford, fitted by the previous owner. Would a non factory fitted focuser cause collimation problems. I'm still waiting for the rain to stop so I can do a star test. At least with all the cloud and rain, I am getting plenty of collimation practice.
  4. You are lucky getting any clips in view. I did a first time collimation a few days ago and I can not get any clips to show.
  5. Hi from an ex Soham resident
  6. I have given the secondary a good going over. Not getting any different result from my first attempt. I have fully wound out the focuser It's a 250 flextube Dob, so the off-set primary looks about right. It's raining and thick cloud at mo, so a star test will have to wait.
  7. Ok, cheers. I will tweek with the secondary
  8. My first collimation attempt. Took me over an hour to hopefully get the mirrors aligned. But I need a second opinion as reading up on tutorials, they all say about the primary mirror clips being visible. To me everything looks aligned, but I can only see 1 clip, is this ok ?
  9. Welcome from a fellow Cambs Fen-Monster
  10. A good idea would be to download Stellarium, it's free plus you can fast forward the timeline, so you can see what will be visible at what particular time. This will help you plan your viewing.
  11. That's the idea. But when the phone is placed near to a scope it gets a lot of magnetic interference, and the phones gps chucks a whobbly. Plus it loses its usefulness once the scope passes a certain angle, you need to be a contortionist to be able to see the phones screen.
  12. I just printed the circle onto a sheet of A4. Staples then scanned it on their pc and enlarged it to the correct size and then printed it off. You could save the circle to disk or memory stick also. I can not remember exact diameter of the circle, but I do remember the outer edge of the circle being an inch larger than my dob base, just so that when I attach a pointer to the base it points over the numbers, as you can see from my previous pics. I have a 10" dob, no idea if the 8" uses same size base. The paper that the circle was printed on was a lot bigger than needed. Think it was printed on size A0. The paper will need to be trimmed before laminating.
  13. Its called a Furniture leg or adjustable base unit leg. I use something like this.......
  14. Mine was quite cheap really. Downloaded a setting circle pic off of the interweb. Went to Staples, they enlarged it, printed it and then laminated it. I then went to B&Q. Got a cheap sheet of chipboard. They cut it to size for free. Whilst I was there, I purchased 4 leveling legs, the sort you put on kitchen units. Screwed the legs to the board and level it up in my garden using a bullseye bubble level.
  15. I ditched the idea of attaching my phone to my scope and decided to get a Wixey and stuck a big setting circle under my dob base. I only use my phone to find co-ordinates. Very easy and can find objects within a minute or so.
  16. I used a bicycle mobile phone holder on my dob. Tried many ways to use my phones gps function on my scope. None worked as my scope confused the gps. Something to do with the scope being metal. It caused the phone screen to freeze, be at least 100° off and give me bad magnetic disturbance warnings.
  17. Welcome to the forum. Charlie
  18. I was there from 6pm til about 8pm. By god it was heaving. Was hoping to chat to someone from PAS about joining, but could see that that they were in high demand. I might pop back on Sunday. looked a very successful night. My wife even saw me on the BBC Look East live broadcast. :-)
  19. Hi, welcome from a fellow peterborough resident. Charlie. sent from my android using sausage fingers. (
  20. Wow that last post was a bit nasty. Not really helpful in making people post questions if thats the response that is to be expected from some members. sent from my android using sausage fingers. (
  21. insomnia

    Hello from Ely

    Welcome from an ex Soham resident. Great to see another local on here. Charlie. sent from my android using sausage fingers. (
  22. Welcome, from a fellow P'boro resident. sent from my android using Tapatalk
  23. If you image through a telescope then surely you have every right to call yourself an astronomer. People need to remember that a lot of people got their interest in astronomy because they have seen the images that can be captured from your backgarden. I bet the majority of astro imagers started off as visual observers, connecting a camera is just natural progression. sent from my android using Tapatalk
  24. Lol love this disclaimer at the bottom. Warning Please note this product was not designed or intended by the manufacturer for use by a child 12 years of age or younger. Last thing you need is someone with chocolate fingers. sent from my android using Tapatalk
  25. I saw a powertank in Aldi's yesterday. It was priced at about £35-£39. It even had a usb port as well. sent from my android using Tapatalk
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