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  1. That could be it, jahmanson. Man...you wouldnt think I am 34 next week would you, I am like a kid with a new toy with this thing, except it blows any toys I ever had far out the water Im going to Lampeter for the weekend and taking it with me, I might have better luck up there!
  2. So lastnight I had the telescope in the back garden, pointing it at random stars and trying to figure out the focus etc. I am a complete newb to this! I started with the brightest star in the north sky at about 8pm. I could see "something", but either I couldnt focus right or there is nothing to see. I then moved to the opposite side of the sky, just east of where the moon would be at midnight. (I told you, newb, I havnt even looked at a starchart yet ) and targeted a less bight star. Well...I was overwhelmed as I focused in. I could see a large dark cluster to the bottom right of the "object
  3. I'm feeling the love There is a Mongolian place yes, The Anchor pub has a Mongolian restuarant out the back...and very nice too! Well...lastnight, I think I saw something amazing! I will post elsewhere on it, but I think I saw a planet! Going to stay at a friends in lampeter for the weekend and taking the scope with us, apparantly they have amazing night skies there!
  4. I'm doing this Subscribed 2 days ok and the first issue should be arriving 2nd April apparantly.
  5. We have only just heard of this and begun a subscription for the orbiter. I am now very tempted to get back orders for the orrery aswell *thinks*
  6. I think we are more than capeable of fixing the problems we have created here on this planet. The hole in the ozone layer is already shrinking, and realistic ways of producing and using clean and renewable energy are more in reach now than ever. The most dangerous thing humans can do, IMO, is move on to a new planet before correcting the mistsakes we have made here. Those mistakes will just be repeated. Space colonisation should be done with the purposes of exploration and knowledge, not to prop up a broken system. Interesting subject!
  7. Thank you for such a warm welcome! I live just north of Cardiff, Taffs Well..though originally from SE Kent..been here 5 years and still struggle with pronunciations of place names lol Just going to eat a chinese (for those local...the Chinese Takeaway in Taffs Well, opposite the co-op, is THE BEST I have ever tasted!) then will attempt another viewing of the moon...it was quite cloudy earlier but hoping it clears up a bit. This is so exiting and I am so glad to have found such a helpful, friendly and welcoming place to share my experiences and learn from others! Thank you xxx
  8. Hello, my name is Jacqui and I joined this forum as it was the first to come up when I googled "astronomy forum" and it seems very friendly, I like it I am very exited about getting started in stargazing. I bought a cheap and cheerful Bresser 60mm to start with, we have had a little play with it and after getting some excellent advice in the beginners section, will be attempting to eyeball the moon tonight. I am so exited! My fiance and I are both very interested in astronomy, and fancy ourselves as armchair experts on the solar system. Though... that is debateable We watch a lot of docu's o
  9. Thank you for kind the replies! We managed to get the laser pointer set up to begin with, and from what you have all said..it seems to be the focus was not right. We are not used to these long distances I guess! I gathered its not the best scope out there, but it was cheap..once we get the hang of it, I am sure we will become addicted to star gazing and invest in something better. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, and helping me to not feel so silly! I look forward to sharing our first views with you
  10. Hi all I bought a telescope on a whim, as my partner and I have often talked about getting one and being able to see the moon, planets etc. In my impatience and naivety, I thought it was just a case of buying a telescope and pointing it in the right direction. I now realise...I could not have been more wrong The telescope we have is a Bresser RB60 60mm Refractor Telescope, which is touted as a brilliant beginners kit. It came with a couple of lenses, and I have no idea what to do with it! We set it up during the day and was instantly impressed with being able to see branches on far away trees
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