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  1. Hi, Don't sell yourself short, that's pretty good for a first go. Well done, I look forward to seeing some more. Dave.
  2. Hi. When I first took an interest in Astronomy, even the pros would have been more than pleased with an image like yours. Excelent work. Dave.
  3. Hi, If you can wait till after Xmas, then you might find a good price on the kit you want from one of the vendors at Astrofest in London in Feb. Some of the dealers who exibit at these shows will be giving special show discounts, which can amount to a substantial saving, for example, I saved over £100 on a scope and mount I was after at the International Astronomy Show last year, and £50 off a Star-adventurer this year. So if you can wait it may be worth your while, but whatever you do, I hope you enjoy this great Hobby. Dave.
  4. Hi Luc, These images are stunning, and the quality rivals many I have seen that were taken by Lunar orbiting spacecraft. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the ground. look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Clear skys, Dave.
  5. Hi Les, I too use a Baader 8/24mm zoom, and have allways found it to give excelent views, and the field of view is very good at 50 to 68 degrees. It is my most used eyepeice, and at £185 is good value for money. In the end you need to decide if a zoom is the way you want to go, but if you do go for one, then the Baader will see you good for the next few years. Dave.
  6. Hi, Nice piece on the Lunar landings, and the image helps to present it in perspective. Its a pity the Lunar program was abandoned, but hopefully we may see a return to the Moon in not too many years. Cheers, Dave.
  7. Hi, I use an AVX mount with my C925 fitted with dew shield and other heavyish bits & pieces and have always found it rock solid in use. So it should be fine with a C11 for visual use and with a planetary camera fitted. Its also looks a pretty good price for a Scope and Mount combo like that. Cheers, Dave.
  8. Hi drjay, Firstly welcome to SGL, and now to your question. While I have not used the Celestron Astromaster scope, I would whole heartedly recomend the Baader Zoom eyepiece. I have one myself and it is frequently in my scope, and gives excelent views throughout the zoom range. As for the Barlow, I would tend to wait till you have tried the scope and eyepiece combo first, and then decide if you need it. I have had one in my eyepiece case ever since I've had my scope, and have only used it once. You could even spend the extra on a larger Telescope, i.e. a 130 or 150mm, which would give a bigger
  9. Hi, and well done Richard, M13 was the first Messier object I found with my new scope last summer, closely followed by M11. But I got really excited when I spotted the 2 faint smuges of M51 the other week, under Birmingham light pollution as well. Clear skies & exciting smudges, Dave.
  10. Hi, Welcome to SGL. I think you will find that a lot of people on SGL, just like you, took their first Astrophoto with an iPod or some other mobile phone or similar. Keep it up, but most importantly have fun. Clear skies, Dave.
  11. Hi, Sounds like you just saw M3. Just like Matt above I would suggest M13 & M92 in Hercules as they are a bit brighter and should show more detail. I also suggest spending a bit of time on each object as you should gradualy be able to see more detail over time. Good luck and clear skys Dave.
  12. Hi It suprised me first time I saw one, but they soon became a common sight, and I started keeping score. Best score is 5 in one night (one was the ISS). Clear skys Dave.
  13. Hi Paul, Great image, have you tried Virtual Moon Atlas, it's free and will even controll your Scope if its GoTo. Cheers Dave,
  14. Hi, I have a similar problem with street lights and security lights. I was thinking about heavy duty black plastic sheets fixed to a 2" x 1" wooden frame, you can build as many as you need to the size you need, and possibly fix them together with hinges. Even three fixed together should still be a managable weight. Clear skys Dave.
  15. Hi, Puts my efforts to shame. I hate you. Dave.
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