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  1. Hi guys, Does anyone know of a way of using 2" filters with a DSLR and standard lens? As i am wanting to buy some new filters and rather then having to buy clip filters then 2" filters when i upgrade to a colour CMOS i would prefer to buy one set of filter i can use with both. If that makes sense
  2. Thank you so much Peter I thought it maybe something different like that appreciate the help.
  3. Hi guys I am using the following website so i can work out the image scale in arcsecs per pixel to put into Pixinsight, however I have been looking on the web and can only seem to find it in mm (22.2 x 14.7m) and a pixel size of 5.2µm. Might sound stupid but do I just need to calculate 22.2x5.2 and 14.7x5.2 or is there something more technical involved as there seems to be with cameras sometimes http://celestialwonders.com/tools/imageScaleCalc.html
  4. I feel your pain there. takes me a few trips also which is a pain in the Bottom being in a wheelchair...lol
  5. Not sure I would be able to afford the V2 with the USB hub etc. But would be nice.
  6. I think this is a bit beyond what i could do I am like the look of the Pegasus Powerbox as saves me having to make my own cables etc. i know it more expensive but i guess it saves me screwing anything up.
  7. I wouldn't say i 100% know what i am doing, but also don't think i am a total idiot which is why i thought using something like https://www.amazon.co.uk/100-240V-Adapter-Converter-Transformer-5-5x2-5mm/dp/B0787CPCTW would be fine once i have cut off the end and added the Anderson PowerPole connectors. Look at the options you have listed i would still need a 12v DC input and that is what has got me all confused at the moment.
  8. Hi guys I am looking for some advice/tips for power cable management. I was going to use a rigrunner velcroid to the side of my mount so I could just have one power cable and a Powered USB hub for all other devices so in total only 2 cables to my mount. However, after contacting the company for the rigrunner they said they wouldn’t sell me one as I was going to be running from the mains and it is a 12V DC input. I did explain that I would be using a 240V to 12V DC adaptor, but they said this wouldn’t be suitable. So, I am now at a bit of a loss what to do about the cable management. Any help or advise would be great full. Just to let you know I am in a wheelchair so using things like deep cycle batteries is a bit of a no go due to the weight
  9. I have a Sky-Watcher .85x Reducer/Flattener for ED80, I can see that I have to screw it direct to the drawtube (shame there isn’t a quicker/safer way) but I can’t figure out how to attach it to my Canon 1100d do I nedd a different adaptor as the one I currently use to attach my camera to my 2” tube extension doesn’t seem to fit. Also I have read somewhere the you have to have to correct spacing between the camera and Reducer/Flattener in order to have round stars how do you do this?
  10. Hey Guys I am looking to sorting my cable management out this summer while the weather is nice and not able to do much imaging. i am looking to go with a powered USB hub and ad rigrunner for power management. I have looked around and and i am unable to find anything to say if i can wire a rigrunner to use direct from the mains power supply as i do not use a battery pack due to them being to heavy for me to move as i am in a wheelchair. Does anyone know if they can be used in this way and any other advise on cable management would be most appreciated.
  11. Ahh cool yeah something like that would be good Thanks Stu
  12. Hey all Is there anyway to attach a 2nd shoe to a SW ED80 Pro for a 9x50 finderscope ?
  13. Does anyone have a light pollution plugin for Google earth? i did have it saved on my laptop but can't find it or the website i got it from and it was very handy
  14. Guys can i get some help!!! I am just being stupid but i can't get my head around it :( I am looking at modding my camera which i know is a good thing, as i will only be using it for astro imaging i believe the mod i require is the filter removal... Here is what i can't get my head around... As i have the filters removed to allow more Hydrogen Alpha in to get more red Nebulosity .. i have then been recommended to get the CLS-CDD clip filter as this has a IR filter in it wouldn't that cancel out what the modification was for?? Like i said i am probably just being stupid
  15. Hey guys, Looking around at getting a new tripod to put my iOptron star tracker on thinking of going for a Manfrotto but can't decide on a model or if i should look at other makes, any views? I Do have Manfrotto 190 in mind
  16. Hi Chris Thanks very much, i have a feeling this might have something to do with why my PHD hasn't been working also i was hoping you would see this post :) Craig
  17. Hey Guys I am just running the my EQMOD simulator to try and practice a few things and sort out some settings and i appear to be missing some options such as "Auto Guider Port Rate" and "PEC" Can anyone advise if this is correct as the screen shots i am looking at on the web a slightly older versions..
  18. Hi Louise I have both a EQDIR cable attached and a ST4, Yeah i can slew the scope around in RA and DEC with EQMOD (using a game pad), i must check i can via PHD2 i forgot to check that part. But as stated when i tried to switch it to ST4 i got a error message Craig
  19. Hey Well i created Dark Frame library, changed RA and DEC both to Hystersis. It was showing as Pulse guiding by default, when i changed it to ST4 i got a error message (sorry can't remember what is was and didn't screen shot is as was in a rush to pack equipment away before the rain.) But still getting the original error
  20. Thank you very much, i haven't made a dark frame library maybe i was on a bad pixel...
  21. HI I have been trying to use PHD and PHD2 with no success i keep getting the following error message can someone please advise me of the setting i should be using for the following equipment or give me any other advise. HEQ5 Pro SW80ED 9x50 finder with a QHY5L-II Error message See attached word doc for the current PHD2 settings i am using PHD2 settings.docx
  22. i am using a SW ED80, not sue on the weight at the moment will have to work it out, want to do 5+ minutes subs. Yeah it does have a camera mounting point.. i hadn't thought to use the main scope as a guide as last time is put the QHY5L-II camera in i couldn't get a focus but have since brought a extension tube just not had chance to see if it works.
  23. i did think about doing that but was unsure if it would be over the weight of the mount. Is yours a ready made one? as they do seem expensive
  24. Hey I would like to do some really long exposure wide-field guiding by using my DSLR on my HEQ5 mount. is there anyway that i can also attach my 9x50 guider scope? Craig
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