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  1. I was supplied with the program installation CD for it (First Light), but no cable as far as I can tell. Thanks for the info on the other parts though, very helpful
  2. Just to say, wasn't sure what discussion page to put this in, so I posted here. My question is in two parts involving the telescope from the title. First of all, I want to control it from my computer but I'm not sure which cables or adapters to buy in order to do it. Secondly I would like to take pictures with it, I found the Celestron nightscape, but again I don't know how to connect it to my PC I was wondering what is the best equipment for controlling from PC, and taking pictures are? Any useful feedback will be appreciated Many Thanks, E_H
  3. Hi all, I'm currently looking at purchasing a better telescope than my astromaster 130EQ. Now I've been looking at dobsonian telescopes at the moment because they give (what I've gathered after reading reviews) the best observation capabilities for price, I'm interested in getting the Orion Skyquest XT8, but I've seen mixed reviews. For example, reviews along the lines of "it's a good telescope for beginners which accounts for its high rating, but for people who are seriously looking into astronomy as a hobby and future, there are better scopes on the market for around that price". What I'm he
  4. Can't help being an Astrophotography Scrub Sorry for wasting everyone's time :L
  5. I have found the problem, It's a really faint reflection of my turned of lights, my laptop is causing it to cast a very faint shadow, almost invisible to the naked eye on the window. I feel stupid now...
  6. @SteveWard It could be, but the second picture was taken at a different angle and zoom, so if it was something inside the room then shouldn't it have moved places and stayed the same size?
  7. The fact that it stays in the same part if the sky, and the size changes when I zoom, makes me think it isn't the camera
  8. Here's a different picture with the smudge in the same part of sky, but different part of lens
  9. I just took another picture, wider shot, and you can still see the smudge but it's in the same place of the sky
  10. No I took other pictures and the smudge wasn't there, only in that part of sky
  11. Took an exposure of a random part of the sky and this is what appears, anyone know what it is? Or am I just being a dummy? Picture is in the attachment below
  12. I recently bought a 3x Barlow lens, and today I tried it out on a 40mm lens, and it didn't seem to do anything, am I using it wrong or something. I used it in a Astromaster 130 EQ Many Thanks
  13. Oh, ok. I think what has happened is that they're selling the same telescope for two different prices. Thanks for the help!
  14. Hi, I've been looking at a new telescope (SkyWatcher Skyliner-200p) and it is available in either parabolic or classic. I read that parabolic reduces the blur on objects being viewed through it, which sounded to me like the parabolic is better. Only the classic is more expensive, so is the classic better or is the parabolic? Many thanks
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