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  1. Hahahahaaaa I love your avatar! Which super nova were you aiming to see? You're very lucky to have seen the moon tonight. From where I am the moon is nowhere to be seen!! It is definitely worth looking at a moon map however. I discovered recently that I can locate more craters on the moon than I can cities of the world! Jupiter to me was very blurry tonight in between intervals of cloud coverage. Sounds like you had a successful evening
  2. The sun was shining here all day, promised a clear night. The second I got in from work, the clouds gathered and the rain came down... Just for me I've heard there's snow on it's way. We had a light dusting last weekend, and it's definitely cold enough to snow.
  3. Hahaha, some of the scenes there look like they should have been on a Yes album cover ^^
  4. Aw wow! No joy here, I've never managed to find andromeda in between clear skies and various other distractions!
  5. Hahaha, I was thinking a plane, because of the shape of it. Thanks all!
  6. This is one she found online that someone else had taken http://tinypic.com/r/zkqpfo/5 These other ones were some pictures that locals took http://tinypic.com/r/121g0t2/5 http://tinypic.com/r/23kelp5/5 http://tinypic.com/r/2927n0g/5 http://tinypic.com/r/2qixox2/5
  7. I sometimes try and get a sneak peak at the moon in the daytime if its out, I personally haven't had a lot of success. I've found the best time to go out and have a look (for me personally) is just after it starts getting light, it's not dark but not too light either. Hope it helps
  8. Yes, thanks for the responses. As soon as I can get some photographs on here I will. The more I look at them, it's kinda like a grey spot in front of the meteor which I guess is why there's questions around it. I had thought about a piece of the meteor actually coming off...
  9. Hey all, I have a friend living in Buenos Aires, and she had told me that on Sunday or Monday or one of the days a meteorite tore through the skies over Argentina. Apparently, there was an object lurking/hovering in front of the meteorite. Pretty much hanging around it. As you can imagine there's been a lot of people saying it's a UFO. She showed me some photographs taken of the meteorite and there does appear to be a clear grey mark in the sky chasing it... But a UFO is kind of a far-fetched approach to it. I guess my question is, what might follow a meteor? Did anybody see or hear about this event? Thanks
  10. I completely understand the frustration here I escaped to the SW of England over the weekend, taking my scope with me hoping to spend some time staring into space... Friday- RAIN Saturday- MORE RAIN Sunday... Was actually nice but I spent it travelling home >_> Now I'm back in the city under a blanket of indecisive clouds and light pollution!
  11. Hey all! Like the person above, I'm pretty local, and I've been reading this thread. I'm also wondering if you're still accepting people into the group? I'm also a newbie
  12. I've got a place down there, somewhere off road, away from the cities... You blink and you would miss the place driving through. Hardly any light pollution, I would go to the top of a hill and lie in the grass looking up. One time, amongst the stars, I spotted what I think was a satellite. It was flying around in a perfect square shape. I was very young, and my big brother was telling me what the constellations where. I believe that it was in this humble little town, I fell in love with the (hardly)known.
  13. Aw Thank you for the warm welcomes!
  14. I've always thought that Devon is a beautiful place to to stargazing, you don't even need to take a scope with you, just yourself and a flask of hot tea!
  15. I only just, sort of found this forum... I've been stargazing since March, I've got a Meade NG-SM 60mm. I have to be honest, I really wasn't expecting much from it seeing as it was a good bargain, on the spot purchase but I've been enjoying observing stars, planets, and the odd seagull :/ I probably won't post very often as I'm more likely to sit back and read what other people have to say. But I thought I'd say hello. Peace!
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