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  1. Hi Glennith, Welcome. Fingers crossed for clear skies tonight.
  2. Hi Mark, Welcome. I do believe the guys and girls at NASTRO are a good bunch.
  3. Hi Lee and welcome. I'm new too. You'll find (as I'm sure you've already read) plenty of friendly/knowledgeable folk around these parts. Great little read you've put out there.
  4. Ah, it's the unexpected ones that are sometimes the best. That's why I keep a pair of bins in the boot of the car - you just never know. Interested to see what others think about appropriate handhelds.
  5. Hi Avtar, Great little read there. I'm fairly new to astronomy, did you plan your viewing before hitting the skies or did you just go for it once out there?
  6. Thanks everyone, for the many warm welcomes. I'm also a member on the Chrysler forums, but can't remember receiving so many welcomes.
  7. Hi Michael, I too have that scope, Xmas 2013 gift. Loving it so far. Enjoy.
  8. Newbie here, log book sounds interesting. Is the format something you made up or is it an off the shelf item?
  9. Ahh, but the clarity is a dismal 1, that's the scope away for another night. Friday night and Saturday morning, a whopping Clarity of 5 out of 5. Bring it on.
  10. Thanks Ron, That's what I'm afraid of. This is going to be a back garden viewing morning, and there is street lighting where I'm expecting Saturn to be, or at least the glow from the lights,
  11. Think I'll leave the scope out till 10ish tonight, forecast says seeing is 3-4 out of 5.
  12. Oh dear, the gym was closed so came straight home - to find a clear sky. Rushed the scope outside, yep there's Jupiter and 4 of her moons looking splendid, Hmm, bit of cloud coming over, quick look at Pollux as he climbs higher. I fires up the mobile phone app 'About SKEye' - oh the Auriga constellation. Right there's my first potential Messier target - Star Fish cluster. Lets try and bag this one. Nope, clouds come over. Later! Craig.
  13. Equipment will be my recent Xmas gift, the BK1309. Came along with a 10mm and 25mm EP + 2x Barlow. Bring on the viewing pleasure.
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